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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

My wife has permanent chronic pain from a spinal injury. She was paralyzed from the waist down for 2 years. She fought her way back to where she can on occasion walk short distances without her cane. On bad days she is in her wheelchair. The one thing that has never improved and likely will never improve is her pain. Excruciating pain. She takes oxy and morphine daily along with other meds. After several years of work including inpatient stays at mayo clinic she and her doctors found the right chemical cocktail to allow her to not only endure, but actually live well with her physical problems. She has a small business with 2 employees. She is not high. Without opioids she cannot get out of bed. There is no alternative. CBD oil helps her sleep but does not touch the kind of pain she has. Recent efforts to combat opioid addiction have missed the target and have actually made it more likely patients like my wife will end up on heroin. read more

Friday, September 07, 2018

The right claims both sides do it on a number of major issues. The raw truth is that almost every time any evidence that any of the things they say both sides do is found, it is a republican caught doing it. Here is the latest example. They believe this is done by everyone because they think they are normal and since they do it that means everyone does. read more

Thursday, September 06, 2018

In 2017 Amway reported $8.6 Billion in sales. With 3 million salesmen that is an average of $2,866/salesman. ONLY the founders ever got rich from AmWay. As a comparison Walmart had sales of $161,667 per employee

In 2017 Amway reported $8.6 Billion in sales. With 3 million salesmen that is an average of $2,866/salesman. ONLY the founders ever got rich from AmWay. As a comparison Walmart had sales of $161,667 per employee

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Trump thinks the entire military is his goon squad. How any military personnel can support someone like him who would throw their lives away so easily is beyond me.


2. Assuming those numbers are correct, they could be interpreted to mean that a hell of a lot of people are getting paid to do unproductive jobs, not getting paid less to do more.

#28 | POSTED BY MUSTANG AT 2018-09-17 03:26 PM | REPLY

No it means exactly what it says. When the worker meets the quota of X widgets an hour the response of management is to raise the quota to X+ and keep the pay the same or lower it. A perfect example is the local foundry. When I got out of high school I worked there. I was a cell tech. I was in charge of a machine cell consisting of a die cast machine, a trim press, a quench tank, a simple robot, and 2 CNC machines. We made crankcases for lawn mowers. I had 4 workers under me and we had a quota of 22 parts per hour. It was hot, hard work. Starting pay was $18/hr. Fast forward 30 years to the present. The same machine cell is still in use. parts have been replaced on the machines and dies have been updated and replaced but the machines are still the very same machines I used to run. Still making lawnmower crankcases. Push mower engines haven't changed much. Now they run the cell with a 3 man crew and they have a 40 pph quota. Making almost twice as many parts per hour with 40% less labor should mean higher pay, right? Nope. Starting pay is now $11.50/hr and the cell tech makes $14.50. But hey if they work 48 hours a week they can still make $34 more than I got for a 40 hour week in 1988 so they are better off than I was, right Sniper?

That is where right wing policies have taken us

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