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Thursday, June 14, 2018

News Analysis by Hatter5183: In 2017 the Companies in the S&P 500 employed 24 million people. They paid out $419.8 Billion in dividends. Some people on the right look at the tax cuts and celebrate the extra $1.50/week in employees paychecks or the few $1,000 one time bonuses to employees. We only tax profits. Corporate tax rates heavily influence what a company does with "extra" money. When corporate rates were high, they could put more money in their pockets by avoiding taxes and spending the money growing the company. Long term growth was the focus. Now with low corporate tax rates profit taking is cheap. The incentive is in profit taking. The companies in the S&P 500 companies handed out $17,492 PER EVERY EMPLOYEE, the equivalent of $8.74/hr. But not to employees, to shareholders. So when you say we can't afford to raise the minimum wage, that it would break the bank, I say hogwash.

NK released a video of the awkward exchange between Trump and a NK General. Cue WhataboutObama in 3.2.1...

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Corey Stewart, the bombastic conservative who built his public image on championing Confederate symbols, won the Republican Senate nomination in Virginia. Stewart, a member of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, defeated state House member Nick Freitas and minister E.W. Jackson in Tuesday's primary. Freitas conceded the race Tuesday night, according to local media. He now faces Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine, the party's 2016 vice presidential nominee and a heavy favorite for re-election, in November's midterm election. read more

Friday, June 01, 2018

Trump has allowed the republicans to throw off their masks and let their evil show.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

A jury awarded the family of a man killed in his garage by police 4 cents. Police blindly fired 4 shots through the closed garage door hitting the victim twice in the abdomen and once in his head. Police claimed he was pointing a weapon at them. He did have a gun but it was in his back pocket and there was no line of sight between them when police opened fire through the closed garage door. The damage award was insulting in my opinion. It is telling the family that his life was indeed wrongly taken but that it was only worth 4 cents


I worked my entire life. I got my first job delivering newspapers when I was 12. I worked hard. I was a drywall mudder. I Bought a 6 bedroom historic home and renovated it over 3 years doing much of the work myself. Found the original building contract from 1896 and used that as my guide. new roof, rebuilt chimney, new siding, new windows, new plumbing, new electric, remilled crown molding and picture rails. re landscaped the property to match the original drawing. restored the hardwood floors. I married and had a daughter. Then my kidneys failed. I had insurance through my employer. I got very sick. I was hospitalized for 26 days. I hit the annual cap on my "good" insurance the first week. I was on the hook for the rest. Around Thanksgiving the insurance company dropped the entire company I worked for. They couldn't get insurance with me on the payroll so I was let go. The company I worked for was too small to qualify for COBRA. I could not buy insurance. I was unhireable. My home, My truck, my life savings were consumed by medical bills. Like millions of other Americans I had a medical bankruptcy. I wound up living in a studio apartment. Then Obama got elected and we had Obamacare. I was able to take a loan and go back to school knowing that I would be able to get a job and pay back my loan. I went back to school and retooled for a career I could do within my physical limitations. I graduated with a 3.96. One B in a English Lit class because I was focused on my Technical courses. I got hired and have been working full time ever since, working 8-4:30 and then going to dialysis from 5-9 3 days a week while I wait for a kidney transplant. I paid more in taxes last year than the total amount of government benefits I received while I was out of work.


Now that pre-existing conditions and rescission will become legal again I may be end up losing my job again. If I do YOU will be paying for my food and rent and medical care.

You can thank Trump for that.

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