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In Korea, fitting in is #1, ridiculously so. The bullies smack down, especially in Middle-High School. I caught it out even as an elementary school teacher there. I left it to the Korean associate teachers to administer discipline to my 1st graders. Btw, 2nd and 3rd graders are the best to teach, period; they can talk and talk... etc. about anything and their creativity has no limits. When the kids the school assigned me (I got the lower-level kindergartners, one of which may have rated on the low level of the Autism spectrum; he could read Korean before any of the other kids could) reached elementary age, they started to rock it, except for the one ringer who should have been in the higher level. She was awesome from day one, and tested me maybe twice. If she hadn't tested me, I wouldn't have respected her as much, but she did test me and she was awesome. I got into trouble with administration for recommending that she should be in the higher level kindergartners class where her best friend was; I didn't tell them that it was mostly because developing friendships was more important at age 5 than developing her English ability, of which she was far and away the best in the lower level K class... Anyhoo, Korea's effed up, but, like Iceland, they actually jailed their masters who turned out to be corrupt garbage. In the USA, we define what is and what isn't corruption, in the face of objectivity. We're screwed, pretty much, unless we bring out the pitchforks. I'm not counting on it.

Cuomo did a great job with the MTA: www.nytimes.com, and had his staff release a "Cynthia's an anti-semite" smear mailer this past week: www.nytimes.com. Eff that crooked -----

Drudge Retort

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