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Weren't you the one just talking about "family values" and how conservatives supposedly have them? Where does cheating on your pregnant wife fall into those "values"?

See... liberals generally take a "live and let live" mentality to sexuality and relationships. If your relationship works for you then who are we to judge. But conservatives, on the other hand, like to TELL YOU and ENFORCE what type of relationship they think you should have. Because they want to ENFORCE their "values" on everyone else.

I could care less about who Bill messes around with. That is between him and Hillary (though if Hillary says she feels like he betrayed her, I would take that into account in my view of his character). I could also care less who Trump messes around with.

BUT, he was supported and elected by CONSERVATIVES and CHRISTIANS (sic) who are always SOOOOO patronizing and high and mighty about their "values" and "morals".

But it is becoming increasing obvious to EVERYONE that is all BS. That conservatives HAVE NO morals or values, and neither do Christians. Christians just want to distract people from the fact that they are diddling little children (boys for catholics, girls for evangelicals).

But... continue on. Defend your hero Trump. You are unmasking your true self, and millennials are paying attention. They are fleeing religion, and fleeing the conservative party. They are fleeing the hypocrisy of the Baby Boomers.

This is actually good for the country. The only way you remove a cancer is by recognizing it for what it really is (and recognizing that it is not what it pretends to be).

Drudge Retort

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