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And THAT is the growing problem. We are headed to a time when relatively few from a "safe" place along with a small force can create control in this country by force even if the vast majority are against it.


We are still safe. Yes, it is theoretically possible for a small minority to take over the US and control the majority by force. But, to what end? People would fight. People would die. Smart people, for example who have studied history (I'm talking professors, not preppers), who know how best to wage asymmetric warfare would start dusting off their books and implementing what they know (or educating people who are willing to take action). Engineers who designed Iphones and biochemists who cured diseases would go to designing bomb control circuits and explosives. IT security experts would go from protecting the systems to exploiting every flaw that they ever became aware of.

But more importantly, all of these smart people would no longer be concentrating their productive capacity on useful segments of the US economy. The GDP of the US would plummet. One of the primary benefits of the US economy is that the independence of the populace and their willingness to question authority. If someone tried to take over the country like in Boaz's wet dream, they would be killing the golden egg goose.

Look at what is happening with Trump. He was democratically elected (sort of) to the highest office in the country, but he tried to treat it as a dictatorship and now he has been completely marginalized. I am more concerned about Boaz's wingnuts and their "revolution" than I am about the government suppressing the populace, even though we have one of Boaz's wingnuts as the chief executive of our government.

Whatever. The constitution says you cant. So there.

The constitution does not protect you as much as you think it does. You right to bear arms is not absolute. Felons? Mentally ill? The constitution isn't the problem. It is society (and special interests) that preserve your right to bear arms. How many more mass shooting need to happen for society to change their minds?

And you people don't know how much closer making stupid statements like the above is getting this nation to civil war.

Bring it. I WILL NOT be bullied. I AM NOT going to submit to your anarchistic threats. Unlike the little snowflakes on your side, I will stand by my convictions. Threats of violence will not control me. Your side keeps saying that "Antifa" will overthrow the government (weren't they supposed to do it this past weekend, according to the r-wingnuts?). But, it is projection. YOU want and would try to get your way in the government with violence, so you assume that liberals must be as deranged as you are and would do the same thing.

Also... you have just proven my point. THIS is why people like you SHOULD NOT HAVE GUNS.

And remember, as to your comment about a .22 against a hellfire, a military member would have to fire that hellfire and the last time I looked, those military members usually aren't liberal and probably wont open fire on fellow citizens.

Then why do you need guns at all? Your side claims they need them to protect themselves against the government, but here you are saying the government wouldn't attack you. Which is it?

Ohhh... I see. You think that only the military can use drones and missiles. And they are all upstanding citizens that would NEVER do something untoward (like advocate abandoning one of their own to torture and death because of unproven allegations that he might have gotten captured because of his own idiocy). Sorry to burst your bubble, but ANYONE can use a drone. If your fantasy were to come true and the institutions of our government were to try to suppress the populace, then you can rest assured that they will be using drones and missiles.


You see... it was actually very helpful to liberals like me that you elected Trump. Now I can understand you because I can study Trump, and y'all are just like him. You don't understand soft power, or how to act in a society. All you understand is threats and violence, and you can't understand why anyone would do anything not in their direct self interest unless they had the threat of violence hanging over them. The need for guns arises from the fact that people like you don't feel constrained by our social contract, so you feel like everyone else must be the same way. And if someone hits at you, like a five year old you just hit back at them harder. You don't use your brains to resolve conflicts, you use your fists.

It is called being a sociopath. And I DO NOT WANT sociopath's to have guns. Regardless of how much they threaten me with violence. Threats of violence actually reinforce the idea that they are sociopaths so makes me MORE DETERMINED to take their guns away.

I agree with Kudzu. I remember after the Newtown shooting one of my first thoughts was that more stringent gun control would not have prevented it. But, then the NRA opened their mouths. And they were talking about having guns in every classroom and that, basically, we needed to have a system based on force and threat of violence. And suddenly I was in favor of increased gun control. Not because I thought it would prevent a tragedy like Newtown in the future. The reaction of the gun nuts to the shooting (and their knee-jerk reaction to immediately politicize the situation in defense of their guns) made me realize that these people's views were CRAZY. So crazy that I was uncomfortable with people like that having guns in our society.

I know some people who exercise their right to carry a gun at all times. And, while I acknowledge this is a small sample size, every single one of them are people who don't have their lives together. It feels to me like they carry a gun to make themselves feel more important. They have pretty much failed at being successful in their personal and professional lives, so instead they boost their "self-esteem" with the constant weight of a deadly weapon on their hip. That is not a good reason to own a gun. In fact, it is a pretty scary reason to own a gun from the perspective of the rest of society.

So, people who fight tooth and nail to keep their guns... I want to take their guns away. Everyone else, I have no problem with them owning guns.

And to Kudzu's point, I want Boaz to tell me how effective his little .22 is going to be against a Hellfire missile fired from a Predator drone.


One interpretation is that Trump is being set up to hang himself. He already tweeted "Sorry, but this is years ago, before Paul Manafort was part of the Trump campaign." Distancing himself from Manafort. And destroying any political cover he would have to pardon Manafort. If the Manafort indictment were tied to Trump, then Trump could (not saying it is a good idea) pardon Manafort saying that Manafort unfairly got caught up as a pawn in the Trump Russia investigation. But, by Trump basically acknowledging Manafort's crimes, it is obvious to everyone that a pardon is much less likely which means Mueller is in a better position to get Manafort to roll over on Trump.

Or, Mueller could have nothing and be throwing things at the wall to see if they stick. The question you have to ask yourself is how smart you think Mueller is. Do you think this is part of a carefully laid out strategy? Or is he like Trump and just reacting day by day. I am going to go with the former, and most people out there who have met or worked with him seem to feel the same way. Which leads to this speculation on what Mueller's strategy actually is. No one actually knows, so it is all speculation (which is another point in Mueller's favor... there have been almost no leaks so there is very little information; how is Trump doing in that arena?).

So, you can stick your head in the sand if you want and pretend that Mueller is as dumb as Trump. But don't say I didn't warn you.

But for people who want to actually follow the events, it is fair to speculate and try to determine the strategy. For those who are just praying it will all go away... I guess obfuscation is the plan.

I think it is interesting how Fox News was able to get the unwashed Republican masses to believe that the 6th Amendment was not important. You know... the one that establishes that someone is innocent until proven guilty. And has a right to a fair trial to confront their accusers.

Apparently, if it is in the interest of attacking Obama, you can just convict someone in the court of public opinion. And rip up the constitution.

And you have all these supposed military people defending the argument that we should have left one of soldiers in enemy hands because of accusations that had been made about him. Apparently all of that "brothers in arms" stuff is --------. Or at least overridden by politics.

Republicans try to maintain this sterling image for the "military" and "veterans". Try to put on this facade that they are morally upstanding and heroic. But in reality the military is just a bloc of bloodthirsty adolescent (regardless of actual age) voters who consistently vote for vast sums of money to be drained from the actual productive economy to buy them shiny toys that they can then go play with in third world countries and use as target practice people who they don't even see as human.

Honestly, it disgusts me every time I hear some brainwashed sheep tell a random veteran they meet "thank you for your service". What service? As a group you vote for the things that weaken this country (like Donald Trump and higher defense spending). You signed up to be a mercenary, a pawn to go kill people to protect the interests of our corporations and politicians (who are controlled by moneyed interest and corporations). And the values that they claim to hold in such high esteem are just so much --------, because when the rubber meets the road their actual actions don't match those espoused values that they are supposed to live by.

God... is it really that hard to use Google???


He was 13. He did not "screw over crying victims". He was just there while his protector was cataloging an estate. And that estate was from a family of Jewish origin who voluntarily left some of their possessions behind in exchange for guaranteed safe passage out of the country.

But it is probably pointless anyways. You fake news Trumpublicans will believe what you want to believe (what fits your narrative) regardless of whether it has any relation to reality.

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