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If multiple species are fleeing, that might be concerning.

The land mass of the valley has been rising for a decade, the geysers have become more active as well, after slowing down for decades. There is also the fact that the temperature of the valley floor has been rising too.
And it is past its historical cycle.

That would be funny if that is how our extinction commenced. Wouldn't have to worry about global warming anymore, well, except for the western 2/3 of North America, but that will pass quickly. The east coast and whatever is left of the mid-west would be buried under a foot or more of ash. The EMP discharge and the earthquakes will take out most of the electric grid in the western hemisphere.
Most of the nuclear plants on west coast will experience melt down, although everybody there will be dead anyhow. Might even crack the US in 2 along well established fault lines, creating a massive inland waterway from the Gulf of Mexico to well into Canada. In fact, the US military has maps that show just such a probability, should this event occur.

The rest of the planet would fall into nuclear winter, with the average global temperature falling 30-35 degrees, livestock and farming would collapse globally. About 2/3 of the very acidic ash would contaminate the Atlantic Ocean killing off that fishery, as well as disrupting the Atlantic Ocean's deep water conveyor - current. 2 years out, most ocean life would be dead.

That isn't even the worse case scenario. One thing is certain - we'll all be dead!
But then again, that could never happen, because god blesses the US of A.


You seem to forget that this entire nation is stolen property, which has and always will be the basis of its wealth. Then you can add in the genocide and mass murder that allowed for this, as well as abetting the theft of resources from central and south America - along with africa and the middle east, as well as a significant portion of asia. The US government is the brutal dictator.


Your supposed value does not exist, unless you actually make something of intrinsic value. Punching a keyboard, ,white collar work in general, lawyers, the vast majority of research work, including medical research, their value is created by someone else, long before most of your jobs and professions ever existed. Its funny to hear someone disparage so called unskilled or "low" skilled people. Without them you would have NOTHING to start from. You people get degrees because you swallowed the lie, you HAD to get them as you had no skill to begin with. Not even a thinking mind, you had to "learn" that as well.


If you want MEDICAL care for all, the choice is simple - get rid of the corporations that have hijacked medical care for profit.
$.45 cents of all money into the fraudulent "healthcare" system is used to prop up corporations that provide NO value to the people other than holding their medical care hostage for profit. At this point you'll also have to deal with the doctors, as they have enjoyed an extreme acceleration of their wages, wholly influenced by the corporate profiteering.

Corruption and elitism start in this fashion, and that is what you have. Just look at the world around you. It will not get better, it can only get worse because it has been designed that way. Every tick of the clock destroys someone else's life, for no other reason than greed, and you are fast approaching the day when no-one will have value in the eyes of the criminals whom would destroy all of it to keep you from having any of it.

Drudge Retort

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