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Breaking News: You can be xenophobic and self serving and the Republican base will not question you! This and more news at the bottom of the hour...we now return you to your daily scheduled Trump rall...er, White House press briefing on Covid-19.

This is Trump trying to take credit for a situation that had already happened independent of him. United Airlines, Delta, and American Airlines restricted travel to China on Friday morning Jan. 31st....Friday afternoon on Jan 31st Trump announced travel restrictions for non-US citizens from China. Secondly, this was not some brilliant move by Trump against all expert advice...this was seemingly one of the only times Trump listened to HHS and followed their advice as this was "uniform" recommendation of the experts at the HHS. And hell, why not? Three major airlines already did it for you! Just jump on the band wagon and in two months take credit for it! Republicans will swallow it up...hook, line, and sinker. (and no, Trump, that isn't dirty talk for hookers, cocaine, and sex)

Lastly, Trump is xenophobic and Joe was correct in calling Trump out for being xenophobic...as Trump subsequently proved Joe right by calling Covid-19 the Chinese-Virus. Putz. I know Repubs are desperate to find any situation where Trump errantly was correct in some action he took. His atrocious response to date has left even most Trump voters saying Trump ------ up.

Now let's play a Trump game. Show me the quote where Joe Biden called the travel ban a bad idea. Only Joe Biden's explicit words, not your interpretation of his words or what he might be referencing. It has to be Joe Biden saying "the travel ban is a bad idea/wrong". Only then will you get your banana.

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