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"Now read this one: Finland's government resigns over failed healthcare reform www.bbc.com

But no worries as I am sure the dems have it all figured out and can do it cheaper.

#20 | POSTED BY MSGT AT 2019-04-07 04:46 PM | REPLY | FLAG:"

Finland has an aging population and shrinking tax base, so in common with many industrialized countries, it needs to review and possibly reform some of it's healthcare system. But then again Finland has the top ranked healthcare system in the world:


By contrast the US system is ranked 19th.

Finland's government also delivers it's much superior healthcare at a fraction of the cost the US pays. The US ranks top in healthcare costs, at $10,209 per capita; Finland ranks 18th at $4,173 per capita.


But what do the Democrats know. Anyone who wants better healthcare at less cost must be a moron, right?

"I love how Foreigner has fled the thread now that his whole " What I have seen shows the Elder randomly walking surrounded by other kids but no hostility as such until the confrontation starts. Show me a video supporting your position and I'll gladly reconsider" narrative has been shown to be completely incorrect by both Nathan Phillips himself and the New York Times.

#176 | POSTED BY RIGHTOCENTER AT 2019-01-29 01:49 PM | REPLY | FLAG:"

Apparently I have fled the thread, as opposed to having other things to do with my day! Let's hope the rest of your assessment is more accurate.

Let's see:

"" I have seen no video which indicates that the Elder approached this particular kid."

How about Nathan Phillips himself, would you believe him?

"It was a provocative image that rocketed across social media, leading many, including the students' own school, to condemn the boys' behavior as disrespectful. But on Sunday, Mr. Phillips clarified that it was he who had approached the crowd and that he had intervened because racial tensions -- primarily between the white students and the black men -- were "coming to a boiling point."

Is the New York Times confirming this enough for you to drop your preconceived bias?

"Marcus Frejo, an Indigenous hip-hop artist who is also known as Quese Imc, said he was standing with a friend near the black men when tensions flickered. He said he was worried "something ugly" was going to happen.

Around that time, he said, Mr. Phillips approached, asking to borrow a drum. Together, they headed into the center of the students, creating a sort of prayer circle."
NYT: Fuller Picture Emerges of Viral Video of Native American Man and Catholic Students

#153 | POSTED BY RIGHTOCENTER AT 2019-01-29 12:16 PM | FLAG: "

Part of my post from earlier:

" I agree that the Elder engaged the kids if you want to use that description in the broadest sense. I do not agree that the Elder approached the specific kid that we are all focused on.

#124 | POSTED BY FOREIGNER AT 2019-01-28 11:01 PM | FLAG: "

You seem to have a comprehension problem, as I have already readily agreed that the Elder approached the crowd of boys - post #124. I saw this with my own eyes.

What I have not seen with my own eyes is the Elder specifically approaching and confronting Sandmann. If you can point to any part of the text you posted which indicates that Phillips approached Sandman specifically, which is and has been the point of my focus, as opposed to the group generally, please do. Otherwise I'm going to have to conclude that the second part of your post is no more accurate than the first.

As for whether I would believe Nathan Phillips, at this point I would not believe either party, Phillips nor Sandmann, if their explanations are not supported by video, because each is now under pressure from a variety of sources to tow their respective party lines. It's CYA time all around, but particularly for the kid.

Whenever I read one of these threads I end up wondering whether the right wingers on DR can walk and chew gum at the same time.

It is quite possible for the behavior of the Hebrew Israelites to be truly objectionable and for the boys behavior to also be objectionable; maybe not as crude, nor as scatter shot, but more troubling to me for the broader implications .

I watched the video and saw a small group of obnoxious religious fanatics insulting just about anyone within earshot. This is a group with virtually zero political power and no chance of influencing the US in the future. I also saw a group of native Americans who represented a defeated people trying to hold onto their cultural heritage and who again have virtually zero political power and little chance of gaining any going forward.

Then I saw a third group made up of privately educated adolescents, mostly white and probably from wealthy backgrounds, who attend a single sex, religious school and who were taking part in what was essentially an anti-abortion rally. This is a combination of characteristics that suggests that the MAGA clothing and hats they were wearing were more than simply fashion statements; they were a statement of participation in Trump's ideology.

The kids were behaving like soccer hooligans; I recognize many of their chants from European soccer and this I can shrug off as the boisterous behavior of kids let of the leash. I can also recognize the slight change in attitude of the group as they start to surround the Indian Elder - again I have witnessed this in soccer crowds as the mood changes. The ultimate expression of the mood change is one kid standing, challenging and smirking. If you doubt the validity of this description, watch the videos. He can be seen in a number of shots actually smiling and it is not the same.

In challenging the Elder, in standing his ground and later explaining that " I have the right to be there", he represented one face of America's ruling class - the face that Trump represents with his many expressions of racial prejudice and lack of respect for just about anyone not called Trump. This is what disturbed me; the kid encapsulated much of what makes Trump unacceptable to millions of Americans and worse represented the passing of the flame to a new generation.

When your President inspires this kind of behavior, shabby is quite possibly not a strong enough word.


Most shabby ever? If I were American I would certainly hope so because I would hate to think that my country had managed to elect someone even more shabby in the past.

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