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" #11 | Posted by RightisTrite, I guess the pig nation you speak of is Switzerland, Nestle is a Swiz company. The big producers of baby formula are European. The big reason women are using formula is they are at work, one can't easily nurse babies on a work schedule.

#14 | POSTED BY DOCNJO AT 2018-07-09 09:15 AM | REPLY | FLAG:"

The largest producer of baby formula is indeed Nestle, but 3 of the top 6 are American, the other 2 being French and Dutch, so you are a little disingenuous to suggest Europe might be behind threats from the US:


Looked at from a common sense perspective - exceptionally rare on DR - what is the chance that your isolationist administration has threatened Ecuador to gain a business advantage for a Swiss, French or Dutch company? Their sales may benefit as an unintended consequence of imposed sanctions, but the US manufacturers were the intended beneficiaries.

As for the reasons why women use formula, there may be some truth in your explanation, but surely women should be able to decide based on their own circumstances, not because their government has been coerced by the US to persuade them otherwise.

" ...they threw Russia out -"

If my memory serves me correctly, the decision to remove Russia from the G8 was made with the support of the US.


Makes me wonder if Trump's hatred of Obama is so deep that even the US itself under Obama is a " they" to him.

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