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For those who are interested, Jeremy Corbyn has a long history of being anti-EU:


If the Conservative party fall to pieces - and it seems quite likely - then it would be necessary to call a general election. Corbyn hopes that this will happen and that his Labour Party will sweep to power if only because the Conservatives have messed up so badly. His aim will not be to kill Brexit, but to try to renegotiate the terms - good luck with that.

Apart from his personal dislike of all things EU, the fact is that many of the strongest Labour supporting constituencies voted leave and still support leave. Corbyn will have no desire on many levels to go against the wishes of many of Labour's supporters.

The word " disaster" does not do the current situation justice - an absolute f**k up barely gets close!

"There was no call, no complaint made, so his was all staged to appear like a white woman called on a black. This is how for it is going, what a shame.

#10 | POSTED BY CRASSUS AT 2018-10-15 01:27 AM | FLAG: "

I'm not sure where you get your information, but it would not be hard to find more detail on this:


The video embedded in the article shows the woman either pretending, for some reason, to report the incident to a police dispatcher, or she is speaking to a police dispatcher. The article says that the police took 17 minutes to get to the scene, by which time everyone had left and no charges were filed.

The woman may be a fruitcake rather than a racist but what really amazes me is that individuals like yourself will simply make up easily disprovable rubbish. It's almost like you have a agenda.

"It is premature to conclude that human activities -- and particularly greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming -- have already had a detectable impact on Atlantic hurricane or global tropical cyclone activity," the organization reported.

Last Revised: Sept. 20, 2018

#72 | POSTED BY NULLIFIDIAN AT 2018-10-12 11:15 AM | REPLY | FLAG:

It's premature because not enough time has elapsed, nor sufficient data been collected, to allow a scientifically supportable conclusion to be made. This is not remotely the same as saying there is no connection.

Not all the consequences of global warming enhance hurricane formation, so it remains to be seen if global warming leads to more hurricanes. But some of the basic consequences of global warming can provide the conditions for hurricanes, when formed, to become both more intense ( higher sea surface temperatures energizing higher wind speeds ) and more destructive ( higher sea levels supporting higher storm surges; warmer air temperatures holding more water vapor and producing higher rain rates ).

The article you linked covered these things but you chose to ignore them. Since 1924 there have been 33 category 5 hurricanes recorded in the Atlantic. Of these 11 have occurred in the last 14 years. In the same period there were 6 hurricane seasons with more than 1 category 5 hurricane, with 3 of these being in the last 14 years. Statistical anomalies or a sign of things to come?

I think we know where you stand but objectively minded people won't be standing with you.

"So, tell me again how a warming climate has any relation at all to the Atlantic hurricanes. Go ahead, I'll wait.

#12 | POSTED BY HUMTAKE AT 2018-10-10 12:09 PM | FLAG: "

OK, I'll try and I'll keep it basic.

1) The impacts of global warming do not all enhance hurricane formation. Higher water temperatures should intuitively enhance formation and strength, but higher water temperatures, among other climate related issues, also create wind patterns that can impede hurricane formation, known as wind shear. This year, for example, wind shear in the Caribbean has been high and a number of potential hurricanes were sheared apart before they could form. Wind shear can also limit the intensity that a hurricane can attain. The issue then is not necessarily that global warming will create more hurricanes, but the it will create conditions for more destructive hurricanes when they form because;
2) Warmer air holds more moisture from evaporation and more moisture translates into more rainfall under appropriate conditions. There have been a number of hurricanes over the last decade where rain and subsequent flood damage has far outweighed wind damage, and;
3) Global warming is thought to influence major atmospheric conditions such as the jet stream and one consequence is that the steering patterns for hurricanes in the atmosphere become weaker. The consequence is slower moving or even stalled hurricanes and therefore more prolonged exposure to adverse weather conditions for anywhere along a hurricane track.

In the Atlantic at least, hurricane formation follows a multi-decadal cycle of high and low hurricane activity. The cycle typically lasts 15 -25 years and entered an active phase in 1995. The general view is that this cycle is coming to an end and the Atlantic will enter a period of low activity and as far as I am aware this cycle is unrelated to global warming but explains some of the variations you picked out.

Hurricane science is complex and the impact of global warming equally complex; it is not a straight line relationship as you seem to want it to be. Rather than simply bashing numbers and by implication the concept of global warming, why not delve into the actual science and educate yourself?

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