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Marajuana makes you stupid. You might feel super intelligent or normal, but you are not. The paranoia part can echo around for days. It's not the same for everyone, but do you want the risk of on-duty armed cops with additional paranoia?

#19 | POSTED BY SNOWFAKE AT 2018-10-10 02:21 PM | FLAG:

Um no. We can grow here and it should be fully legal by next fall. You can get different strains of MJ depending on what you want it for. I will get a small amount of a sativa from a local grower, it has an energy high. Great for weeding a garden, cleaning out a garage or anything else that you have not wanted to do but knew you needed to do. You become very focused on what is at hand to a point that it is very enjoyable. It is far from making you stupid but if you smoked or ate a large amount of say a indica you could be considered stupid. It would be like drinking a lot of hard liquer but you wouldn't throw up or pass out. I would much rather be on the same road with someone who had smoked pot than someone that had been drinking, big difference there and I love my after 5 martini, just don't smoke after drinking, alchohol intensifies the pot too much. And like Donner said, I ripped my achillis tendon and had surgery. They gave me 60 oxy pills, I used them for the first day for the pain but it made me feel like a slug and it makes you constipated which makes you feel even worse. I switched to Medical pot and it made me forget about the pain, I slept well, I was regular and I could function very well unlike the Oxy. It is not like the old days with Reefer madness, the new stuff is very specialized and a lot better for you than booze.

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