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Friday, July 06, 2018

The so-called "civility debate" is the newest front in a wider conflict that has less to do with manners, or ensuring a polite discourse, than in protecting the powerful from being forced to engage with politics on someone else's terms. At its heart is a unique form of cultural illiteracy and status anxiety. The ability to hand-pick when and in what context to face the consequences of your work is a privilege, deep-seated and treasured by those who possess it. Dinnertime interlopers who challenge this expectation are protesting more than a government official or policy -- they are fundamentally rejecting it. read more


Trump's Food Stamp Cuts Would Hit His Voters Hard

Not really. You can bet administrators in hard hit rural counties will try to figure out some way to minimize/eliminate the impact on their counties such as they did with proposed Medicaid work requirements.


A work requirement for able bodied is not onerous as long as 1) adequate child care facilities are available and affordable; 2) transportation to/from the job site is available and affordable and 3) the federal gov't is the employer of last resort.

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