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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Years of risky hedge fund investments helped plunge Kentucky's public pension system billions of dollars into the red, making it one of the worst-funded state pension systems in the country. Now, eight current and former state employees are suing a trio of hedge fund operators and current and former members of Kentucky's pension board, alleging that they breached their financial duties to the state and its taxpayers by sinking millions of dollars into "exotic" hedge fund bets. ... Together, the defendants "chose to cover up the true extent" of the pension plans' financial shortfalls and to "take longshot imprudent risks" in an effort to make up for the funding problems, the suit contends. read more



After adjusting for inflation:[3]
•Of the 49 states (all except Wisconsin)[4] analyzed over the full 2008-2017 period, 44 spent less per student in the 2017 school year than in 2008.[5] The only states spending more than in 2008 were Indiana, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wyoming.

While I agree that the republican party would prefer a dumber and dumber base, funding for higher education has been far more widespread than just red states and just the GOP. It's a much more broad problem and it appears most states have cut funding for higher education.

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