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From the article: "The reason, I guess, is that the rot that has brought us to the brink of Senator Roy Moore began long ago. Starting with Sarah Palin and the spread of Fox News, the G.O.P. traded an ethos of excellence for an ethos of hucksterism." This from David Brooks!

I was a 1980 Reagan Democrat. Proud still that I voted for him in 1980, saw the signs of mental decay and corruption and decided to vote the other side in 1984. Voted for Bush in 1988, since then, I have not looked back to the R side of the fence, and now, quite later in my life, will probably never look there again.

I am ashamed at angry at every Republican for embracing Palin/Trump/Moore. You have brought us to this angry, bigoted state of intellectual and moral laziness. Please, don't deflect to Clinton. Please, no "but...!" Trump is President. Not Clinton, Trump. He had no business being elected; he is definitely the most incompetent, vengeful, partisan president of the last 100 years. He has already done great damage to the country morally and to our image around the world; I know, I have already been to several European and Asian countries in the past year, and the reaction is UNIVERSALLY: what were you all thinking?

Was the SCOTUS pick worth abandoning competence and sanity? Was a "pro-life" jurist worth electing a guy who could not give two poops in a tin bucket about "pro-life" except to get votes? If the economy is doing so well, as we are told everyday by Trump and his ----------- entourage du jour, why is there a need for a corporate tax cut? And now we face the real possibility of two wars: with North Korea and an aggravated Middle East multi-country mess--all over Trump's stupid promise to recognize Jerusalem as capital. The Republic will suffer, and either in 2018 or 2020, the backlash will be tremendous. Each #Trumpvoter has no one to blame but him- or herself.

Drudge Retort

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