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Having read through this thread in one sitting, is like to offer the following observations:

First, most people who tried having a conversation with you started off expressing disagreement. It wasn't until you started ranting about liberals and feminists that other posters started insulting you. That's my general impression, and I have no interest in getting into a "So-and-so said this in post X, and that's clearly before I said blah blah blah I'm post Y" type of argument with you.

Second, if your wife is honestly happy in your marriage as you've described, good for both of you. I think it's important for every married couple to find the system that works best for them. Frankly, the way you've described your communication style with her makes me wonder whether she'd be comfortable honestly sharing with you any concerns she has, but also I'm not a member of your marriage and I don't see what goes on all the time. But you don't paint your communication style in the best light.

Third, I suspect that one of the reasons you're so offended by feminists, as you see them at least, is that you think they're telling you how to live. Isn't it obnoxious when an outsider tells you that the way you're living your life isn't working? Don't you see that that's exactly what you're doing in this thread? You're implying that the system that you and your wife have worked out is the ONLY system that works. You've become the thing you seem to despise.

Every real life feminist that I've known would have no problem with a woman choosing to stay at home, raise kids, etc., if that's what she CHOOSES to do. Heck, two of the most feminist, ----- hat wearing, Donald Trump hating, AOC loving women that I know are stay at home moms. The problem for feminists is when a woman isn't provided a choice or the option to live in the manner that she and her husband decide is best. The problem is when people like you come in and say, "What works in my marriage is what should work best in ALL marriages!!!" You fail to recognize the vastness of human experience, the variety of backgrounds and personalities that people have, or that many gender roles are socially and culturally constructed and are not a matter of ingrained biology.

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