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Here you go:

52 year old rapes a 12 year old 3 times a day and pays for her 7 abortions. Authorities are never notified.

This is a world you apparently have no real problem with.


Why are most homeless outreaches, whether it be overnight shelters or soup kitchens, run by Christians?

What about the Christian commune, Jesus People USA In chicago, that reaches out to homeless (in addition to a whole bunch of other things)?
Here's their main musician singing about these things (per Jesus' words in a matthew 25):

What about domestic violence shelters?

Why do Crisis Pregnancy Centers give away so much, including money, diapers and material assistance? It's all a cover up for some grand political scheme?! Who do you think is the best example of your thesis?

What about the Sanctuary Movement? Bet you don't know much about my friends in that...

Do you watch a lot of the Handmaid's Tale?

Drudge Retort

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