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#43 | Posted by bayviking Where is the greatest wealth inequality on the planet? Hint, it is in the orient and and has the largest population. As a mater of fact, dictatorships in general, especially socialist ones produce the worst income inequality. The biggest difference is fortunes are not made by producing a good or service, but by holding, or association with political power. Putin is a billionaire. His seed money came from robbing relief for St. Petersburg from western Europe during the turmoil after the Soviet Union fell apart. The Chinese People's Army has generals that have become very wealthy by running businesses to help fund the military. Wealth in the US generally does not transcend generations. One makes it, the kids spend it and the grand kids have to work.
As far as being more democratic, that does not always translate to the best interest of the people. Adams lost the presidency because he wisely released that war with France would be insane, tho that was a popular ideal at the time. Hurst ginned up public sentiment for a "splendid little war" with Spain. Woodrow Wilson deftly manipulated public opinion to get us into a regional war that became a world war with our involvement. Still, I am at a loss what American interest was served by supporting well established Imperial Powers fighting with a nation that had only existed for less than 50 years. Hitler would have never come to power if we had not put our thumb on the scale of that conflict. The punitive treaty afterwards guaranteed that happening.

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