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#276 | Posted by madbomber, Sorry but the American dream was always just that, an aspiration. Basicly owning your own home and having a retirement which prevented you from being dependent was about as good as it got. Individuals who applied themselves could achieve that level of security, and most, more than half did. I'll take my grand dad as an example. Born on a cotton farm, married at 16 to a 14 year old, had two kids before he was twenty. His dad had land, but his mom died when he was three and his step mom apparently less than affectionate. His dad died in the flu epidemic in 1917. My dad was born in a lumber camp, my uncles were born in shotgun share cropper quarters. Big difference, granddad required his boys to go to school, school or they paid rent. One became a cop for a while, his son became the Chief of Police in San Francisco. One became a machinist for Bell, his son became the photographer for that corporation. One went into teaching, then into civil service retiring as an executive for civilian personnel. Grand dad moved in from the cotton patch and bought a house in town in 1948, he was 45 before he had indoor plumbing. It wasn't much, but that was quite an achievement for a cotton patch kid. We do the best we can with the opportunities and resources available. Now on the inverse we are over run with people who believe that what they need, they have a right to, food housing and medical care, and to get this by force. I consider those to be our future slaves. The current conflict can be reduced to the makers vs. the takers. Little warning for the Left, the makers invariably win.

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