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#205 | Posted by SpeakSoftly Wrong, I actually worked in the mental health system when the patients from about 1000 institutions were dumped onto this nation's streets. That was under Carter's administration, under Democratic legislatures with the AOK from the progressives. News for you, some crazy people don't get better. Some people are marginally impaired and are unable to care for themselves. Many mental patients hate their medication and would not take them if it was up to them. At any time about 2% of this population have some form of schizophrenia, and a third of those need to be hospitalized because they are a threat to their own safety or others. That is about 2 million people. Then there are a host of other affections. OBS, mostly from injuries or drug overdose. Several conditions which which does not respond to drug therapy, sever depression, what we call bipolar now, we used to call manic depression, and third stage syphilis. We had bunches of patients and most needed asylum. We used to call psychiatric hospitals asylums, literally a place of refuge. Some people need to be taken care of because they can not care for themselves. But apparently reality does not trump the civil rights of an individual who eats from dumpsters and honestly believes he is Jesus Christ. Mental illness is generally not a threat to others. The mentally ill are generally much more likely to be victims rather than perpetrators of violence. Yep, the old institutions were overcrowded, sometimes brutal and not a nice place to live.But at their worse, they were more merciful than an urban alley.

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