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Yea, let's disarm so the state has more power. Face it, if this individual did what he is accused of he wasn't acting as a law enforcement officer, he was a criminal. If his partner or any other officer observed his actions and did not try to prevent this or report this behavior immediately after are guilty of multiple felonies. The tradition of "tuning up" a miscreant is as old as police forces. I remember one of my acquaintances about 40 years ago, a young man of unbridled mouth who got loud when under the influence, made a few unsolicited remarks to a patrolman and his assistant. They arrested the young man, citing several statues and cuffed he went into the patrol car. (Honestly it was just a noise complaint)I thought he was going to be in jail, so I called up his parents to see if they wanted to bail him, but within a couple of hours he was back at his parents place. Their method was ingenious. They just carried him around town stopping at different places. This is Texas, it is August. The cops were only out of the car for about 10 minutes, but the temp in the cab would get to be better than 150. The forth stop was his address on his driver's license. Inflecting punishment on anyone is not the responsibility of the police, it is the reason we have courts. It is a line police in a free society require. Otherwise we could have cops like they have in Europe. They are very tough and they are empowered to do anything they feel necessary to maintain order or enforce compliance. Yes, they routinely tune up minor miscreants. Europe isn't as free as you might believe.

Drudge Retort

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