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Friday, April 27, 2018

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Steny Hoyer get caught on tape admitting to working against the campaign of a progressive in Colorado's 6th district in favor of a corporate lawyer.


"- Par for the course

Why yes, it appears you did."

Not an unfair reading of my words, granted. What I am saying is that there are a quite a few of these churches. They operate this way by default. They are highly visible. They are on TV. They kind of represent modern American Christianity. This church is par for the course of the public and vocal version of Christianity we are exposed to. Yes I am aware that there are other churches. I grew up around Presbyterians and Methodists. They are pretty chill people for the most part.

"- because they don't fit your personal conception of what Christianity

No, because they don't fit even the most cursory reading of what is Christianity."

Well, sure? If a large chunk of American Christianity is doing things this way (and the Catholic Church isn't doing half bad itself with it's city state and treasure hoard), then no matter what the bible says, it's how it's done and it is defining of the religion, or certainly it is for a large chunk of the population. In any case, we know that the bible is subject to revision or reinterpretation when it becomes inconvenient.

Most Christians do a ton of stuff that's a no-no, eating shrimp, mixed fiber cloth, etc. etc. Do you call them out on that? Typical response is that's the old testament, although so are the ten commandments and plenty of Christians want to beat everyone over the head with those along with other random old testament rules.

We are going down the internet religious argument hole. Have a good night Corky.



A private jet is just part for the course at this point.

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