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Friday, August 09, 2019

The Trump administration has known since at least April that alleged white supremacists were responsible for every single act of race-based domestic terrorism in the U.S. in 2018, yet not only took no action to combat the growing right wing violent extremism, but actually substantially reduced or even eliminated funding and programs that combat white supremacist extremism, violence, and terrorism – and then blocked the data from reaching the hands of Congress. read more



The logo has been printed on t-shirts, phone cases, bumper-stickers and notebooks since 2016, when Lion Guard formed in response to protests at Trump campaign events. Much like "Bikers for Trump," Lion Guard sees themselves as an "informal civilian group dedicated to the safety and security of #Trump supporters by exposing far-Left rioters," according to their website. Their motto " "Better to be a lion for a day, than a lamb for eternity" " is a direct reference to a famous radio broadcast by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. Trump, quoting a Twitter user called "ilduce2016," also shared a similar version of that quote in Feb. 2016.

"The dissemination of the Lion Guard logo, integrated at the end of the video Trump tweeted out, is disturbing but also indicative of the normalization of a modern fascism in the United States," said Jean Dean Valencia-Garca, assistant professor of digital history at Texas State University and an expert in modern neo-fascist movements.

Online sleuths used Tin-Eye, a reverse image search engine, to figure out the first time that the image was shared on the internet. A similar VICE News search confirmed that the logo was first used by a Dutch white supremacist on twitter in March 2016. (The tweet has since been deleted.) Trump was widely criticized for retweeting that same Dutch white supremacist a year earlier, whose bio at that time read "#KekSec/Stop #WhiteGenocide/White Preservist/Programmer/Dutch Patriot/Race War when?"


But yeah, it's just a bizarre coincidence that Trump keeps repeating racist, fascist propaganda.

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