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Sunday, March 04, 2018

Every member who opposed the short-term prohibition on sales was Republican. For approximately 15 minutes, the Florida state Senate appeared to back a new measure that would have prohibited the sale of AR-15s for two years. Then Republicans overturned it. In a rare Saturday morning session, the state lawmakers considered a short-term ban on the assault-style rifle used to slaughter 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, last month. Democratic lawmakers attempted to put the gun restriction into a bill, SB 7026, that would invest money in mental health and school safety programs. After the upper chamber debated for nearly an hour, Senate President Joe Negron (R) ruled that the amendment temporarily banning the sale of AR-15s had passed in an unrecorded voice vote, the Tampa Bay Times reported. A quarter-hour later, that ruling was overturned by a roll call vote of 21-17.

‘SNL' usually avoids parodying tragedy. Then Trump said he'd confront a school shooter unarmed. "The youth of America deserve to feel safe and secure in their schools," Baldwin said, "because, folks, I can only run into so many schools and save everybody." read more

The president of the United States continues to heap praise on the world's most reviled rulers.

The Chinese Communist Party's attempt to allow President Xi Jinping to rule indefinitely set off harsh criticism in China, as well as international opprobrium. But the power grab appears to have at least one fan: Donald Trump. read more

Saturday, March 03, 2018

No world leader has forged a closer or more public camaraderie with President Trump than Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who visits the White House on Monday battling corruption allegations that have echoes in the White House itself.

Both leaders have sought to put their tight bond on frequent display during Trump's first year as president -- and that is likely to be especially true for Netanyahu now.

The Israeli prime minister is under legal scrutiny at home for his possible role in several far-reaching bribery scandals, including allegedly granting regulatory benefits worth millions of dollars to Israeli telecom giant Bezeq.

He denies the allegations and is eager to highlight his politically valuable relationship with Trump, the pro-Israel leader of his country's most important ally and defender. read more

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Russia just upped the ante for the missile defense world by unveiling a new arsenal of nuclear weapons, although it did not come as a surprise to the United States – and the Pentagon urged calm over the developments.

During a two-hour state-of-the-nation speech on Thursday, President Vladimir Putin announced an arsenal of nuclear weapons that will significantly boost the Kremlin's military capabilities.

The weapons include a nuclear-powered cruise missile, a nuclear-powered underwater drone and a new hypersonic missile.

"Congress has already highlighted the Russia threat, and -- guess what -- Vladimir Putin today is confirming the rightness of that diagnosis," Karako added. read more


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