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#26 POSTED BY BPH320 >

Don't care if anyone else already addressed the BS link from #26. Lies this disgusting have to be addressed.


Watched the clip and read the entire Time printed speech. It does not say what you claim and since Michelle Malkin was the one promoting the idea - that says it all.

Obama never said the Selma March in 1965 inspired his parents to conceive him. He details how his parents were inspired (probably as individuals and a couple) by multiple events. Obama, in the same paragraph, talks about the ideas of Selma, President Kennedy's appeals in speeches to the world (1960-61), U.S. scholarship programs and Dr. King's work in Birmingham. All these events inspired his parents. These events span multiple events from 1956 to the 1960s. King's Birmhingham work (starting 1956 and throughout the 1960s) inspired people around the world. There was a civil rights MOVEMENT led by Dr. King NOT ONE SPEECH/EVENT on a specific day.

Only an idiot would contort themselves to see/hear what you claim Obama meant. In a world of Facebook BS headlines and no one reading the actual content, this is how the BS lies/evil works.

BPH320 and JeffJ for your inanae deflections: "Have You No Sense of Decency?". I'll answer for you - NO.

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