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"These were performing hard assets. The Obamas made $20 million while they were in Washington. People are complaining that Trump is making money off his hotels because he is POTUS, would Obama have sold any books if was not POTUS?"

REALLY! Could any statement be more stupid? President Obama wrote BOTH books before he was President (highest royalties 2008 and 2009), filed tax returns reporting the income and his publisher was a known public company that filed annual reports. Everything was in the open to a fault. And Obama NEVER promoted the books in any way after January 2009. Totally passive. I am sure the book about the dog and nutrition had all proceeds donated to charity like ALL previous Presidents

Trump never released his tax returns, his companies are private with little reporting (hey, those folders in that press conference were props) and you have INCOMPLETE information about who is spending what. Plus Trump's attitude is make me disclose ANYTHING when every DECENT, tradition following previous POTUS freely offered the information. The Fed Ethics Office we now learn has no teeth to enforce because no DECENT POTUS would dare the public disclosure of conflict of interest or corruption.

Were all previous POTUS just chumps or is it OK becasue the dotard believes that might makes right. Or better the more I get away with the stronger I am. As a U.S. citizen I will fight anyone with that attitude.

False equicalency to this level is simply BS for those with no interest in yestereday, today or the future.

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