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After the hostile take over of the NRA in the late 1970s switched the NRA from a group protecting sportsman and reasonable gun rights TO the philosophy of ANY weapon, ANY ammo (armour piercing ammo and HUGE clips etc) at ANY time with less regulation, the change to represent GUN MANUFACTURERS was complete. ADD decades of repeating the lie that their members/supporters right to bear arms is absolute (we must have silencers next) and they have convinced the self interested and misinformed of something that is not true and has never been true.

READ Supreme Court Justice Scalia's words which clearly state that ANY state has the right to restrict HOW THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS IS IMPLEMETNED as long as some clear right to bear arms continues to exist. Read Scalia, listen to Scalia and stop believeing the pipe dream the NRA has sold their members. This is airtght - so please do not deflect and change the subject from what Saint Scalia clearly states:

The Second Amendment protects arms that were in "common use at the time." Scalia also wrote in dicta that "longstanding prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, or laws imposing CONDITONS AND QUALIFICATIONS ON THE COMMERCIAL SALES OF AMRS" are presumptively valid. That is why you can't buy a bazooka in the COMMERICIAL market or any other gun a state DEEMS excessive. Listen to Scalia and States regulate away ONE STATE AT A TIME.

The streaming model is horrific for musicians. They simply do not get paid as much.
The only solution that benefits you and muscians is to buy CDs from Amazon that come with an instant download (90% of time, I can wait two days for CD otherwise). 1) You get the best quality sound from a CD, 2) musicians get paid the highest royalty rate from the CD 3) you can still rip high quality 320kbps MP3/AACs or Loseless AACs that are better quality than you can buy/download in addition to the very good instant downloads. Why pay $10-12 for an inferior download when you can get the BEST quality CD AND A BETTER DOWNLOAD. It simply makes no sense to just download from iTunes.

Vinyl is vastly overrated AND at $19.99 to $24.99 for a new pressing a total RIP OFF. I have purchased only about 10 NEW vinyl LPs since 1995. I like the experience of playing a GREAT LP on a turntable because it locks you into the experience of playing one side and then the other without interruption. But there is nothing magic about the sound to ME. It is just different and a familiarity to a sound floor/ambience dictated by past analog equipment. No skipping around and commitment to what you are listening to is the feature of vinyl. Skipping around at whim is digital's convenience. As an owner of 600 LPs (mostly VG++, mint), 300 45s, 1500 CDs and a 60,000 track iTunes collection that simply contains EVERY artist of note or One Hit Wonder in history of popular/rock music from 1950 to date DIGITAL has made music listening, sampling and researching a dream come true.

In the early 1990's, pre-Internet, the thought of a 320kbps MP3/AAC quality digital file was a science fiction of convenience and cost. Playing/recording 290kbps Minidisc (MD) recordings from LPs and CDs was the first exciting step in 1992-1994, but still linear and time consuming. Calibrating a Nakamichi cassette deck to get the best quality sound is something I NEVER WANT TO DO AGAIN. Early digital sucked because 128kbps MP3s and EXPENSIVE disk storage space made QUALITY secondary to portability.

Now with unlimited cheap storage in my pocket (30,000 track subset of my entire collection on a 256GB card in my playback device) they want me to shift utlizing bandwidth in the Cloud. No ---- way. It is not more convenient when there is no context to your collection. I have individualized artwork (picture sleeves of singles front and back, special label pixs and extra comments/notes on thousands of my tracks.

Just wait - iTunes will stop supporting physical downloads within a few years. My collection is backed up twice within the house and everythig I value music, photos and important docs is on a portable 5TB drive in the safe deposit box. I never want to lose 20 years of customized work - MY COLLECTION, not some unorganized streamng Cloud BS.

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