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Please explain. YOu think saying "democrat party" instead of "democratic party" reveals something about me? Yes. Saying "Democrat Party," has been an epithet for decades, used by not-liberals as a dog whistle. Using it says a lot about you.

If you spend any time on this site you know I'm the furthest thing from a ---------. I find it difficult to discern between Bernie supporters and ---------- more every day (not saying you're a Bernie supporter, but 2016 introduced a weird synergy between libertarians, alleged progressives and technocrats). I spend some time on the DR, but I don't have personality profiles on all the commenters here. I get confused about who's who sometimes. If you say so, OK.

Am i not liberal enough if I don't use the right pre-approved terminology? Please tell me you're not being a liberal word-nazi. Nothing makes liberals look dumber than whining about proper word usage and scolding those who don't use pre-approved terms. No, you're just using a well-known epithet to describe a Party that is petty and typical of wingnut conservatives. I don't know if you're liberal or not, but whining about it and scolding me about being a word-Nazi is kind of ironic. At least you know how to spell, "You're," which leads me to think you're not a ---------. If you are a liberal, consider not normalizing conservative pejoratives when criticizing Dems.

You're not wrong about Obama's handling of the financial crisis, but, IMO, this started during the Bush Administration when the AUMF, torture and the budget were all spinelessly agreed to by Democrats. Then Pelosi took impeachment off the table and here we are. Obama didn't do enough about the housing crisis, either.

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