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Remember when DR dems called Laura Bush a murderer? Now she's a saint.

Well, Laura Welch killed her HS classmate. Not sure how many people used the word, "Murder," it was manslaughter, but she was never charged.

Remember when it was revealed that George W Bush went AWOL from the TANG and DR not-liberals blamed Dan Rather?

Remember when DR not-liberals called people traitors for opposing invading Iraq? Now they're defending Russia against the US...LOL.

George W Bush is a war criminal and responsible for ISIS, the refugee crisis, the deaths of millions and can rot in hell for all I care. Commenting on how even HE opposes Drumpf doesn't change my opinion of him, and doesn't make him a saint. Not-liberals and logic seem to be increasingly at odds with each other.

I wrote this for some friends on Facebook who were getting frustrated because they were arguing with not-liberals for the first time and couldn't figure out why it was so frustrating. This is from 2015, so some of it is dated.

Common conservative arguments on Facebook:
1) Ad hominem. Discredit/attack/focus on the source, the messenger or the delivery of your argument. Don't respond to the intent, substance or content whenever possible.
2) Credit "your side" for the "other side's" success, based on "your side's" opposition to whatever you're talking about.
3) Change the subject completely. This is commonly with a "what about?" statement, but can be anything...Benghazi, Socialism and the latest fake scandal are also commonly used.
4) Tell you that Bush was president a long time ago, and to get over it. George W. Bush is off the hook for anything that happened ever. This only applies to Bush, Jimmy Carter is fair game.
5) Completely deny your post is factual based solely on their belief. Evidence, common knowledge, data...all irrelevant if they believe something else.
6) Personal attack.
7) No response whatsoever (if there is someone who is clearly shown to be wrong about a previous assertion, the easiest thing to do is claim they never saw the post).
8) Cherry-pick one of the points or conclusions in the article and discredit the entire thing based on a twisted interpretation of that point.
9) Wait to see if someone on Fox "news" or breitbart. com (or for those who "never listen to/watch/read those outlets," wherever else they get the exact same talking points/framing/messaging) responds, and then just repeat that point as proof that a majority of Americans disagree or something like that.
10) False equivalency. "Both sides" (insert text).
11) Defeatism without admitting defeat/Cynicism. Your argument can't be right, and their argument is weak, so the answer must be that nothing can be done about it. Throw your arms in the air, and suggest that an external, immovable force is at work and anyone who disagrees with them is naive.
12) Reference a baseless opinion, use it as fact, build your argument around it.
13) Blame Obama.
14) Argue semantics. Whenever someone uses a term (racist, bigot, a political label, etc.), make the argument about the *word*, not the content. Claim that your opponent is making unfair assumptions about you, and that you are merely trying to have a pleasant conversation, but it's impossible because they're being mean to you.
15) Chewbacca Defense - look it up.

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