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Too much of a PITA to rewrite every time, but boofing in the 80's didn't have anything to do with putting vodka in your butt:

In the 80's (I remember stuff like this, don't hold it against me), the common understanding of the word, "Boofing," was ---- sex (from bu --, you figure it out from there). It was often used in a non-sexual manner to suggest you "screwed the pooch," or you "boofed that opportunity." But to be asked, "Have you boofed yet?" would have no other meaning than "have you done ----?" (The term has evolved to become ingesting alcohol through your ----, but in the 80's, this was not even a thing - kids these days).

Kavanaugh described the Devils Triangle as a drinking game. Like quarters. Have you ever played quarters? (He asked Senator Whitehouse that question) - There is not a person in the world that has ever played the drinking game "Devils Triangle." There are, however, plenty of dudes who've had sex with a woman and their male buddy, which is what it means.

The ffffffourth of July reference was revealed by Avenatti, and I would put money that it means what he says: Find them, French them, Feel them, Finger them, --- them, Forget them. As a teen, we came up with acronyms, too. One of my favorites is LAGNAF (Let's All Get Naked And...). We never did that, of course, so it is especially enjoyable to watch him try to lie his way through ----ternate definition. What a clown show.

Renate Alumnius is very simply ---- shaming. Not friendly at all. That poor woman.

Let's also not forget that the Federal drinking age was changed to 21 before Kavanaugh was 18, so, although he was correct in stating that Seniors in High School at the time were allowed to drink, he was not. When he turned 18, he also broke the law by drinking under age. I can't understand why this isn't being brought up as a big deal...he was a legal adult who broke the law willingly. They held pot smoking against people for decades, it's hypocrisy to suggest that this is excusable behavior for a judge on the Supreme Court. Maybe for other offices, but not that one.

He disqualified himself in the first paragraph of his rant on Thursday by admitting that he would be partisan, not impartial. I think he was under the influence at the time, too. Too bad they didn't ask him if he'd had anything to drink before the hearing. Bring out the breathalyzer and see if he told the truth.

One last thing, I knew someone in college who was a belligerent drunk. He didn't remember things. One day, he showed me a polaroid of him wearing a dress with one leg completely shaved, standing in a closet. He had no recollection of it. I have very little doubt that there are negatives on a roll of film, if not pictures, of Kavanaugh blacked out. Probably with someone's ass over his forehead.

UPDATE: I forgot Ralph Club. Get that weak stomach BS outta here. We all know he booted, hurled, puked and ralphed after drinking to excess. Probably on a regular basis - enough to earn membership to the club.

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