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Q: If the Trump tax cuts helped so much, why is there talk of cuts to the Social Security tax?
A: the tax cuts served the needs of corporations, with a very small positive effect felt by individuals. In some cases, individuals felt a net gain in taxation after the tax law was changed. Trump is desperate to distract from the tax law's lack of impact on the pocketbooks of individual taxpayers.

Q: If the tariffs on Chinese goods are all being paid by the Chinese, why the need to postpone the next round of tariffs until after the Xmas shopping season?
A: Numerous sources--including the Fed, money center banks and manufacturers--report the additional expense paid by US consumers, after the implementation of earlier rounds of tariffs. Trump is trapped by his poor negotiation tactics--raise tariffs and harm US consumers, or hold off and justify the 'long game' played by the Chinese, who are counting the days until Trump is out of office.

Q: With interest rates so low and with so many positive indicators relating to the state of the US economy, why are additional rate cuts by the Fed called for by Der Dotard?
A: New housing construction is in a slump, borrowers are refinancing but not buying homes, and credit card debt is at an all-time high. Of course, Fed cuts do not have an effect on interest rates charged by credit card issuers. Consumers continue to live beyond their means, and slowing of continued purchasing by consumers will hit the economy hard and fast.

And these, kids, are the building blocks used by the Dems to defeat the worst president in the history of the United States, in the 2020 elections...

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