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"CPS clears mom of 11-year-old drag kid who danced in gay bar for tips"


I didn't believe religion had any use for society other than brainwashing for the longest time. Now I know it's useful for organizing a society which won't and shouldn't tolerate this kind of behavior. This is child abuse; the mother should be thrown into a bog and the boy needs some kind of therapy to disabuse him of the idea that dancing for gay men and being financially rewarded for doing so as a prepubescent boy is a good thing.

Otherwise, it's clear that leftists condone and support the sexualization of children who are under the control of mentally unstable sodomite parents.

"11-Year-Old Drag Queen Kid's Mom Shocked To Find a Pedophile Calling Her Son ‘Sexy' Online "

Wendylou Napoles, mother of drag queen kid Desmond Napoles – who goes by the stage name "Desmond Is Amazing" – posted on social media it was "disturbing" when she found a convicted pedophile's blog in which the sex offender described her son as "hot."


Leftists want to legalize every imaginable degenerate behavior, and then some. Their fundamental problem is that they are too trusting of others, and apparently cannot imagine that predators will predate. Hey, whatever, man, as long as it feels good!

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