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AOC - who's stunned by the presence of a garbage disposal (www.youtube.com) (www.snopes.com) - has warned us that we have now less than 12 years to live. Better get woke, creepy joe!

OP's link points to this thread. Here's the article, but be warned that it includes an irritating auto-play video: time.com
I was looking for a reason as to why black bodies who are just participating in their lives might be unduly targeted, and then we have this, ferreted away between bales of bafflegarble:
"It does not take a great deal of imagination to contemplate instances in which armed teachers dealing with recalcitrant children will react out of fear and racial stereotype and discharge their weapons as they do the disciplinary code."
No, I think it DOES take a great deal of imagination to contemplate that, because the author of this article simply made that up and tried to sneak it into a bunch of appeals to emotion.
Data, please.

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