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Saturday, July 13, 2019

From The Daily Beast, journalist Vicky Ward quotes a former senior White House official, in turn quoting Acosta's response to questions about Epstein, "I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence' and to leave it alone." Well, it's a third hand quote. Suppose you held wild sex parties on your private island and invited wealthy and influential friends, ferrying some of them to the island on your personal Boeing 727 airliner. Suppose those wild sex parties included the presence, voluntary or coerced, of under aged women. That's pretty good extortion material, isn't it? Extortion was J Edgar Hoover's favorite past time. It wouldn't be the first time innocent men, women and children have been sacrificed to the false idol of "national security." Since World War Two, the United States has built itself into a "national security state" which recognizes no ethical or legal constraints. read more

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The orange sloth is improv comedy. Say the first words that come to mind and go with them. Pretty soon they become the funniest part of the scene, especially the "mistakes." It is not dementia. Trump doesn't fall asleep at meetings, like Reagan. It is not an inability to admit mistakes, which he then covers by plowing on, often compounding the mistakes. At rallies, King Donald is on-message, however noxious that message is. We are being trolled by the Trump. Somewhere in the bowels of the White House, he is sitting on his rump and laughing his head off at us gullible fools. read more

Michael Doliner: There has never been an Iranian bomb program, but Obama needed to negotiate the end of one anyway so that he wouldn't look weak on defense. All of Europe, Russia, and China sent diplomats to chime in. The orange sloth declares it "the worst deal in history" and tears it up. Through the entire process Ahmadinejad insisted negotiating with the USA was a waste of time, since they are incapable of upholding any agreement. Moderate Rouhani, and anyone who voted for him, looks like a complete fool for negotiating the JCPOA. Now Trump is in Obama's mess, slip-sliding into a war with Iran that everyone with half a brain knows will destroy the world economy. Except, Obama's path out is closed. Britain, France, Germany ... are pooped out. The stupidity and barbarism of the American adventures they supported have left them with governments of sock puppets and lap dogs. read more

Sunday, July 07, 2019

Chomsky: It not easy to make sense of U.S. foreign policy today. Trump is wildly unpredictable and lacks a coherent view of world affairs. But, the end of U.S. hegemony is in sight.

US (330 million) 2-0 against Netherlands (17 million). Little Sweden (10 million) came in third after beating Germany (86 million) and the UK (66 million). Meanwhile, the juicy Epstein story continues to trump this story.


Everything the Beatles recorded happened in a 7 year window and Rolling Stone created a list for them which no group is ever likely to duplicate, their 100 greatest songs. A legacy like no other because of the lengthy period they worked together without having any recording contract.


McCartney was never a moral and political advocate like Lennon, or as great a songwriter, but between "You Won't See Me" to "Live or Let Die" is an enormous collection of fantastic songs. Paul is exceptionally creative and still going strong, but to this day he cannot read or write music. I can't imagine why anyone would consider him vain, though I'm sure, like most famous people he needs to maintain limited access in order to have anything close to a pleasant life. The Beatles still receive 5 business offers a day and both Harrison and Lennon were attacked viciously by assassins. While George was being carted from his castle on a gurney he asked his new hire, "How did you like your first day"! So much about being a Beatle was their extraordinary candor and humor.

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