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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Senator Susan Collins last week called for the disclosure of money going to "dark money" groups running ads about her record. The comment was a familiar one for Collins, but contrasts with some of her votes while in office. read more

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The compassion of one woman saved dozens of stray dogs from peril as Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas. Chella Phillips took 97 dogs into her Nassau home over the weekend as the storm which has killed at least five people in the islands ravaged the archipelago, multiple media outlets reported. She allowed 79 of the dogs to stay in her master bedroom. Phillips told ABC News it was "either leave the dogs on the street to fend for themselves...or do something about it." "I just want these dogs to be safe," she said. "I could care less about the dog poop and pee in my house." read more

In 22 states - including electorally important ones like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania - the number of people working in factories actually fell in the first seven months of this year due to Trump's trade war. At this point, even if the Chinese were to finally come to an agreement, the table is now set for a downturn that will most likely lead to a recession. read more

For democracy activists in Russia, the real victory this week isn't that Vladimir Putin's party performed so poorly in Sunday's Moscow city council election. That's just a consequence of a far more important change in the country: the shattering of a feeling of helplessness in the face of the government's authority. read more

The New York Times cites current and former White House officials to report that Trump "spends more time talking about his properties in private than he does in public, and even as president, remains intimately involved with club minutiae, like knowing all the names on his Mar-a-Lago membership roll." read more


At dawn on Friday, October 13, 1307, scores of French Templars were simultaneously arrested by agents of King Philip,

#3 | Posted by Sniper

The details of that are many and far reaching. For background, the Knights Templar had tremendous wealth and power. Philip IV was deeply in debt to them, resentful and covetous of their wealth and power, and sought to seize their assets and eliminate their power.

Philip had Pope Boniface, who refused to give the order, arrested and removed as pope (one day before Boniface was going to excommunicate him) and installed another he thought would do his bidding, Benedict XI, who mysteriously died from poisoning 8 months later after refusing to grant Philip's orders to have the Templar Knights arrested.

The third pope Philip sought out, Clement V, was amenable to doing Philip's bidding and allowed the Templar Knights to be arrested and their assets seized.

Several years later, after years of torture and imprisonment, while Jacques de Molay was burning at the stake in front of Notre Dame Cathedral, he cursed Philip and his descendants, saying that within a year and a day, Clement V and Philip IV would die. He also said Philip's bloodline would reign in France no more. And so it came to pass. All three of Philip's sons and his grandsons died before they could take the throne.

The history of the Knights Templar in general, is fascinating.

(SIDE NOTE: My 35th grandfather fought in the 3rd Crusade alongside the Knights Templar. For bravery at the siege of Acre, and for earlier helping in the rescue of Richard the Lionheart's fiance in Genoa, he was elevated by Richard to the position of his 'standard bearer,' given a military knighthood, and a family crest that contains both the Knights Templar cross and Richard's symbol, the lion, to note those events.)

They sent a 12 year old girl - who traveled per her mother's wishes from the Bahamas to the U.S. on a relief flight with her godmother - to a migrant detention facility. Her mother made it to the U.S., but she's been ordered to leave September 26th, long before she can complete the process to reclaim her daughter from the detention facility.

Hurricane Dorian forced a Bahamian family to flee for the presumed safety of the United States, but the United States instead ripped the family apart when U.S. officials separated a 12-year-old girl from her godmother and threw her into a facility that also detains migrant children, the Miami Herald reports.

Kaytora Paul had flown from Nassau to Florida on Sunday with her godmother when Customs and Border Protection took her because she wasn't traveling with a biological parent, her mom Katty said. "The young evacuee is currently being housed at His House Children's Home in Miami Gardens," where the federal government detains some unaccompanied minors, or kids who to come to the U.S. alone.

But Kaytora hadn't come alone, and the only reason she was traveling with her godmother was because a rescue effort had already separated the family. The roof of their home had collapsed and they were living in their wrecked car when help came. "But there wasn't enough space," Katty said. "At that point you have to make a decision. I sent my 12-year-old with her godmother, while I stayed with our two youngest and my husband stayed with our adult son."

Katty now worries she could be sent back without her daughter. Officials reportedly refused a biological aunt who had gone to the airport to try to get the girl, and after arriving to Florida on Tuesday, Katty was told she must apply with the federal government to be her own daughter's sponsor. But the complicated process requires a number of documents and can take weeks, and "U.S. officials told her that she can only stay in the U.S. until Sept. 26."


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