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Monday, July 15, 2019

Federal prosecutors revealed in court on Monday that authorities found "piles of cash," ″dozens of diamonds," and an expired passport with Jeffrey Epstein's picture and a fake name during a raid of his Manhattan mansion earlier this month. read more

Thursday, July 11, 2019

President Donald Trump's military-style July Fourth parade drained a special Washington, D.C., city fund designed to help pay for extra security and anti-terrorism measures during large events in the nation's capital, the mayor said in a letter to the White House. read more

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Alexander Acosta, the US labor secretary under fire for having granted Jeffrey Epstein immunity from federal prosecution in 2008, after the billionaire was investigated for having run a child sex trafficking ring, is proposing 80% funding cuts for the government agency that combats child sex trafficking. read more

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Migration to the United States from Honduras and its neighboring "northern triangle" countries -- El Salvador and Guatemala -- has climbed in recent years. The reasons are complex, including poverty, unemployment and violence. But the increase in migration also coincides with the drought, which began in 2014, and those living in Central America's so-called dry corridor, which is adjacent to El Rosario, say lack of food is the primary reason people leave, according to a United Nations report.

Sunday, July 07, 2019

Among registered voters, only Biden emerges with a clear advantage, leading Trump by 53 percent to 43 percent. Biden's lead over Trump is built in part on stronger support among independent voters and among self-identified moderates. He enjoys a seven-point edge among independents, while the other Democrats are even or trailing Trump with those voters. Among moderates, Biden has a 28-point advantage over the president, significantly more than any of the other Democrats tested. read more


Beatles recording engineer Geoff Emerick recalled a recording history-changing episode at Abbey Road studios. Geoff pioneered some of the most creative recording techniques in history on the Beatles' records, from the truly bizarre, like running John Lennon's vocals through a Leslie speaker, to the standards we all use today, such as close-miking drums.

One of them goes like this:

He put a mic on the kick drum, something that hadn't been done before. A gaggle of recording engineers (who wore lab coats and everything) came into the studio and were aghast. "You can't to that!" or words to that effect, and they walked out with the kick drum mic and mic stand.

Once they were gone, Emerick and Martin simply replaced the mic and stand on the kick drum, and the first recorded time a kick drum was mic'd took place. The engineers found out they'd been duped, and another brew-ha-ha happened over the distance from the kick drum they could place the mic:

"For example, on Ringo's drum sound, I wanted to move the mic closer to the bass drum. Well, we weren't allowed. I was caught putting the mic about three inches from the bass drum, and I was reprimanded. I said, ‘Look, this is the bass drum sound we've got, and we don't want to touch it.' And so I was sent a letter, from one of the guys in the office down the corridor, giving permission -- only on Beatles sessions -- to put the microphone three inches from the drum. They were worried, you see, about the air pressure, that it would damage the mic. There were a lot of things like that." -- Geoff Emerick
That method is how kick drums have been recorded on records ever since.

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