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Today's GOP is the biggest bunch of whiny-ash victimized losers in the history of whiny ash losers.


And that's not even taking into account that lying is their only real strategy moving forward.

And that makes them Whiny-ash, lying losers.

Not a shred of honor, dignity, or love of Country in their entire body politic.

No shame. No scheme too blatant, no dodge too dodgy.

Their President is insane, and is openly, and publicly, in clandestine conspiracy with Putin.

The only policies the GOP embraces are:
#1, to shovel the $$$ to the Oligarchs.
#2, build higher barriers to keep poor people from voting.
#3, make sure average Americans don't get their insulin.
#4, send granny back home to live with you and the kids.
#5, steal my Social Security benefit, call it an entitlement, and start slashing.

The GOP is going full Dotard ahead. If 45 can make chit up and repeat it a bazillion times and get away with it, NC GOP, and the GOP at large figure they might as well do it too.
#2 | POSTED BY OLDWHISKEYSOUR AT 2019-03-17 10:44 PM | FLAG:

Great post!
Hitler's regime called the tactic "the big lie". Which is you repeat a lie often enough and loud enough and the least intelligent amongst the population will believe it.

Fox News, Infowars, Brietbart, 4-Chan, 8-Chan and other alt-right propaganda sites are masters of the "big lie".

They know the low IQ alt-right rubes will go to sites like this and peddle their lies and propaganda for them.

We see examples of it here everyday, not to mention the Putin Sockpuppets like Sheeple, Jordy St Pete and their fellow Ruskie trolls.

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