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Sheeple, what is certain is that the Russians, not Canada or Brazil or Egypt hacked the DNC/DCCC/Podesta and used the information to assist the Drumpf campaign. That has been testified to numerous times by FBI/NSA/CIA people who are/were in positions to know this.

We know that Drumpf asked the heads of FBI/CIA/NSA to obstruct justice. That has been testified to under oath. We know that Drumpf admitted on national TV that he obstructed justice in the firing of Comey. If they did nothing wrong, why is be so concerned that he turned it up to Nixon?

We also know that team MAGA met a startling number of times with Russians, AND THEN LIED ABOUT IT UNDER OATH OR ON SECURITY DOCUMENTS. If they were so innocent, why did they lie? Campaigns, even for POTUS, don't usually have that many meetings with foreign dignitaries especially the sheer number with Russia. They include clandestine meetings in far off locations to set up back channels between Putin and Drumpf (Erik Prince), and slipping Kislyak in the back door of Drumpf Tower to meet with Jared. Why did they slip him in the back door? If the meeting was on the level, shy not bring him in the front? We know Kislyak is a recruiter of foreign assets (spy master). Why did Flynn have five phone calls to Kislyak on the day Obama announced sanctions?

We know from GOP operatives that the only part of the GOP platform Drumpf cared about was softening the stance regarding Russia-Crimea. Why?

This is putting off more smoke and stinks worse than a five alarm fire at a fertilizer plant, and what I've just cited is the tip of the iceberg.

You are either willfully ignorant, trolling or just stupid.

Drudge Retort

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