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Sunday, November 25, 2018

"There is a vast left-wing conspiracy that has been going on since the president [Trump] won this election," Bossie insisted. "All throughout the transition and through his first two years." "A vast left-wing conspiracy, similar to what Hillary Clinton used about a right-wing conspiracy," he added as host Wallace interrupted him by saying, "Which incidentally didn't turn out to be true." "No, it was true," Bossie corrected the Fox News host. "Chris, there was an effort by the conservative movement to undermine President Clinton." David Bossie, it should be noted, was behind the Citizens United case, which was based on a movie attacking Hillary Clinton.


On the other hand...

The following states paid the lowest average federal taxes per adult resident:

At $3,024, Mississippi's lowest per capita federal tax bill is less than half the national average of $6,151. This is largely a function of having the lowest per capita income in the nation.

West Virginia
The low average tax per adult of $3,208 is largely a function of having the nation's second-lowest per capita income, but also West Virginia has the lowest tax filing rate of any state in the union.

New Mexico
The average federal taxes paid by residents of New Mexico is $3,600 per year.

Adults in this state actually earn a little less than those in New Mexico, but at $3,677 they have a higher tax bill because, on average, they pay a slightly higher federal income tax rate (possibly because of how deductions and other tax breaks are utilized).

Kentucky has a higher percent of adults filing than Arkansas and a slightly higher income per capita, which contribute to a higher average tax bill for residents of Kentucky at $3,715.

Though Alabama ranked 24th in the nation for its adult population of 3.7 million, its residents pay a fairly low $3,749 annually for federal taxes.

South Carolina
Still well below the average federal tax bill, the $3,897 amount residents of South Carolina pay each year is just 12.47% of their annual incomes.

Among the states with the lowest adult population and adults filing returns, Idaho's average federal tax paid is only $3,900 per year.

At $4,084 per year, the tax burden Maine's 1.07 million residents shoulder is edging closer to the national average.

Ranking 25th for adult population and total tax, the federal taxes paid by residents of Louisiana is still low at $4,332 per year.

The Top 10 are all BLUE (with the exception of Wyoming) and the Bottom 10 are all RED.

How come all the states run by Republicans are so damn poor?


You seem to think that states are more important than people. New York and California have more people than multiples of red states combined. Maybe state electoral value should be measured by their contribution to the Treasury. The opposite of "Taxation Without Representation" is "Representation According to Taxation": I'm OK with that.

Top 10: Federal taxes paid by state
Here are the ten states that pay the most in federal taxes per adult resident:

Adults in this state pay an average of $10,861 in federal taxes, making it the only state to pay over $10,000 a year. In some ways, it's a nice problem to have because they have the highest average income at $60,327.

District of Columbia
Since some of its most prominent residents are also responsible for spending the money, it seems only fitting that they should chip in for a healthy share of the cost. With an average federal tax bill of $10,625, this is the only area besides Connecticut where that figure tops $10,000.

The average adult pays $9,503 in federal taxes in this wealthy state.

New York
Up to this point, the top three per capita tax bills went along with the top three average incomes. Not so here. New Yorkers earn a bit less than their New Jersey neighbors; but at $8,850, they pay a bit more in taxes.

New Jersey
Residents of New Jersey duck in just under New York with an average tax bill per adult of $8,835.

Californians pay the most federal taxes in total, but ranking tenth in per capita income drags its average tax bill per adult down to sixth at $7,424.

There are fewer than half a million adults in Wyoming, but they contribute an average of $7,393 to the federal coffers.

The average federal tax bill per adult in the state of Washington is $7,112.

Another large and fairly wealthy state, residents of Illinois pay $7,005 in federal taxes per year.

New Hampshire
New Hampshire's small population ranked second for percent of adults filing, pushing the $6,977 tax bill per adult well over the national average.

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