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Why is it so hard for some people to understand: Racism = Oppression. Racism - Oppression = Prejudice. Prejudice =/= Racism.

Blacks in America may be prejudiced against white people, some even hate white people. That's not racism. Some might even see it as justified based on history and personal experience. But blacks do not, and never have, oppressed white people. They can't. They don't have, and have never had, the power to do so. Likewise with Koreans. Blacks in some areas see Koreans as "invaders" who came into their communities and took over/created all the "convenience stores" which are the primary source of food and household goods, and who have a history of viewing the members of the local community as inferior to them and treating them as such, perhaps overcharging, perhaps other negative treatment. That's racism. People who have to depend on those stores resent that. A few may actually get violent about it. That's not racism, it's resentment. That's prejudice.

It's not anything black people can change. Blacks have gone out of their way since the end of slavery to try to make themselves "acceptable" to white people; to be treated equally under the law (like it says in the 14th Amendment). It never mattered, and it still doesn't. I recall hearing a joke told by a black comedian in the 60's:

White Man #1: What do you call a black boy hanging out on the corner?
White Man #2: N-----
White Man #1: What do you call a black college professor with a Dr's degree?
White Man #2: N-----

Black people don't care if white people like them. They just want to be treated equally under the law, with all that implies for housing, education, employment, criminal justice, and political representation (voting). Just like white people.

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