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Rick Wilson @TheRickWilson
1/ The Post story tonight over which the Trumpvolk are losing their damn minds is hilarious.
2/ Some real talk: there's little NEW in this piece. EVERYONE knew that Clinton/DNC took over the funding stream after...
3/ ..the Republican donor dropped it when his candidate was out. That's ancient history, and unless you're a freaking illiterate...
4/ ...this isn't the bomb Team Umber thinks it is. Who the eff do you THINK paid for it? If this shocks you, don't operate heavy machinery.
5/ The next -- and *really* important notes. First, the dossier didn't *cause* the Mueller investigation. There were *plenty* of other...
6/ USG/foreign IC leads and intel on Team Trump and Putin. Even if the Steele Dossier was a farrago of utter fantasy...
7/ ...if you slow learner mooks believe Mueller used it as the main driver of this investigation, ease up on huffing starter fluid.
8/ Many of the items in the Steele Dossier about Trump's $ were already in circulation waaaay before it was public. And the paper trail...
9/ ...of the stuff Mueller has access to makes the Dossier look like a warmup act before the lead in band. But by all means, go...
10/ ...on and think this exonerates Team Trump, by ALL MEANS pray engage in the magical thinking for which you are now famous.
11/ The new news in this piece was the role Elias played...but again, *how is this surprising*? Alpha-dog Dem superlawyer handles oppo?
12/ No WAY. That is SHOCKING. And by "shocking" I mean, "How dumb are you people to think this is a shock?"
13/ No, Hillary isn't going to jail, but *do* click on the 8000 emails various Scam PACS designed to prey on the credulous and cretinous...
14/ ...pump to the MAGAverse. So endeth.
#11 | POSTED BY GAL_TUESDAY AT 2017-10-25 02

Wow talk about stretching and deflecting do you really believe that if Trump did commit a crime we would not already know it? it would have leaked months ago in fact from what I have read they are not finding what they hoped to find thats why there is no leak but you go right ahead and believe all you wrote if it makes you feel better the rest of us are enjoying how this back fired right back to Clinton who if there is any justice will be brought up on charges for some of the crap she has done

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