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Hey stupid right, I mean white wingers, the problems at the boarder have gone way down since Bush left. Obama reorganized and undated the entire area with new boarder patrol members, tech and ICE BS and less people have been coming because of it. However, Obama and Hillary screwed over Honduras and helped with a coup so that was bad, I admit. Double however,in the past century corporate domination at the end of a US Marines bayonet was what really got Central America really screwed up and then it was Raygun with his illegal war(s). The fact is millions of people left those countries in the 80's because of these wars against communism and came to the USA to find shelter from a storm the USA and it's jackals in the MIC started. These immigrants went into the worst areas of our cities and had to form gangs(MS-13/18th St) to survive and many of these people ended up in US prisons until they were released straight to the nearest airport where they were boarded onto a one way flight back to their original US/corporate dominated screwed up country and have began to organize and terrorize the people there, who now leave for the USA in a vicious cycle brought to you by right wing think tanks. Shoving forced mono crop societies upon these people so that you can have cheap coffee and bananas has made these countries a straight up misery show, as has Importing tens of thousands ofAmerican made gangsters and millions of US made weapons to the cartels that now run these poor places is what is mainly driving this modern exodus and TRump and his clan of apes running, I mean ruining this country are really speeding up this process. Sorry if history was not your thing in high school but maybe it is time to go to your local library and read a damn history book so we do not have to keep listening to your stupid racist logic on sites like this all the time?

Too political for me. Black Panther, KKKlan Roma were all overhyped. Vice was good and so was Green Book but not one film I have seen in the past year including First Man on the Moon (title?) which was very good but could hold a candle to Good fellas, Platoon, Patton, Godfather, Gone with the Wind or any of the older greats. Black Panther was not even the best computer flick this year. KK Klan was bad, with cartoon characters of white people, a main character that cannot act and is living on his nepotism ties to his famous daddy and the film was only saved by the extra ending of TRump's murdering fascist marching around with tiki torches or driving over those poor people in Virginia . Roma looked good but was pretty patronizing to say the least. I guess gringos have never seen a middle class Latin family and how they almost always have a native nanny doing all the work? I live in Latin America and it is this way. Vice was good and a must see for those that do not know the history of the Bush-Cheney nightmare chicken hawk war mongering years all for IMC, Halliburton, and Blackwater's future profits. It is like Hollywood is in a self punishing mode for all the grief black folks gave them a couple of years ago about not enough black folks in the awards and or winning them. I guess it will be Asians turn next and then Native Americans? Can we just make a movie that is well written and not so political or if it is can it also be included as a best film as it stands now I do not see this. I write screenplays and this is what I am up against. If my film does not address a major political issue it will not get funded. I always wrote films to tell a story not necessarily to counter the right wing -------- in this world. I guess I will have to start writing for this if I wish to vend my work. Sign!

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