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Whan a person is hired/takes a position in a company they come on board knowing what their pay will be and if had any sense would have asked and then know about chances of advancement/raises, etc.

I have been lied to about chances for advancement/raises I have lost count.

One company said they promoted exclusively from within. I was in training to be front end manager and when the old front end manager quit they had me train the outside employee they hired for that position.

One company said they offered guaranteed cost of living raises plus more if you were a good employee. First year I got it, second year I got an all 5 (out of 5) review and only got cost of living raise. Third year I got no raise.

One company offered profit sharing after 3 years which they stopped 1 month after I hit my three year anniversary.

One company offered stock after 5 years what they failed to mention is their 90% per year attrition rate so after 5 years only 1 out of every 100,000 employees would still be there.

There are others those are just the most egregious.

Perhaps ironically enough the company I work for now made absolutely no promises about raises promotions or profit sharing and yet I am averaging 13% per year in raises. No profit sharing and no benefits beyond 2 weeks paid vac. but they have already paid me for 4 snow days this year and given me paid time off for doctors appointments and a bunch of other perks.

Point is you can't put it all on the employee oh you accepted the terms, companies will lie their cute little posteriors off and there isn't much an employee can do except quit and go to another company that will probably lie as well.

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