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Wednesday, August 01, 2018

DURHAM, N.C. -- In an unprecedented move for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, the insurer said Tuesday it wants to cut premiums for Affordable Care Act health coverage next year. But the effort comes at a cost to about 50,000 customers who will have to change doctors and hospitals at the end of the year because Blue Cross is eliminating its Blue Local plan, which was affiliated with Duke Health and WakeMed.


If you don't suffer from the anxiety you don't understand how powerful it is.

True and if a kid actual has a diagnosis of an anxiety disorder then sure they should have a chance at an alternate assignment but this isn't talking about just kids with an actual disorder but any kid who feels a bit of stress about it. Screw that.

There is nothing worse than forgetting everything you wanted to say and standing there speechless.

Oh I promise there are much much worse things.

There are so many components, looks, confidence, feeling included.

Yes and a lot of those components can be learned. Letting a kid wuss out because he's "anxious" is not teaching them what they need to be successful in the world.

When you are an outsider, when you know your looks are made fun of all the time, when you know you are just overwhelmed with anxiety, there should be an exit plan.

Every Teen is an outsider even (maybe even especially) the popular ones. Every teen's looks are made fun of yes even the popular ones once again learning to overcome that is an important lesson of high school. It was around 10th grade I reached enlightenment on that subject from that point on I stopped giving a F--- about fitting in, I also enjoyed the rest of HS much more because of it.

As far as an exit plan, yeah you should make your own maybe teachers should include that as part of the presentation lesson. If you freeze and run out from in front of the class in tears you will bear that mark till graduation so anticipate failure and prepare for it. What can you do if you do freeze should be part of the preparation and assignment. When my oldest had to do one I suggested a handful of glitter, if he froze just throw the glitter at the class and slip back to his desk while they were distracted. Turns out the thought of throwing a handful of glitter at the class amused him so much he forgot to be nervous.

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