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Clearly a rich people problem. Us poor's fix our own computers and do our own house cleaning using geek squad or molly maids means you guys have way too much money, feel free to send me some.

On a similar note I worked at a 1 hour photo place a while back. The rules were not to look at the customers photos but if we did notice something illegal we were supposed to report it. I always wondered how that would work since we weren't supposed to be looking in the first place. Of course it was impossible not to look because you had to monitor the screen and do color correction, line up negatives etc. Then you had to check the final photos.

I developed a few porn shoots but as far as I could tell the women were all of age, not one looked younger than me and that was in my very early 20's. Saw plenty of bongs and pipes some guns drugs a couple times, but mostly people are boring as heck. In the days before digital I was surprised by how many people did homemade porn which is probably why when I worked on computers it never shocked me. If so many people were willing to do it and have it developed in a 24 hour lab by a 20 something guy getting the privacy of digital had to have caused an explosion.

Besides the owner of the local strip club that would bring in rolls of photos of prospective dancers the most exciting thing I ever saw was when a cop needed a roll developed for a court case that afternoon (I guess he forgot to get the lab to do it) anyway green boards covered in cash, guns and drugs, no perps though.

As a libertarian I never once called the cops on any of the stuff I saw but had I ever seen kiddie porn I might have bent my principals some especially since my wife was pregnant with our oldest at that point.


Never heard about that. Just another reason I'm glad I have never needed Best Buy.


Long but worth it RLR. I actually know one of the developers of Bitcoin and a lot of the issues that are raised were issues of concern during development. The guys that did it were for the most part very libertarian minded and were in fact trying to achieve the dream of truly decentralized banking.

I failed to get in back then because while I saw the advantages I also saw some of the risks. For one thing with no third party clearing house we have no price stability. The value is simply whatever value the collective belief of the community places on it. That is both a strength and weakness. It's why we see 10k one day and 2k the next. Until that stability is addressed it has no hope as a viable currency.

The issue of energy requirements also needs to be addressed. As the block chain gets longer each transaction will take more power the more it's used the more power etc. it is something my discussions back in 2008 never touched on and I don't know that the issue of scalability was every really thought of. It was something cool they could do, there was a demand but I don't think they ever thought it would grow to what it has become so they never really considered what would be needed. Either that or back in the heady days of 2007 when computers were doubling processing power ever year they just assumed processors would keep up with demands.

I don't know what the future holds in terms of cryptocurrency but it won't be bitcoin as it exists now. The simple fact that at current rates by 2020 it will consume as much energy as the entire world uses today means it can't. Not sure if a central bank will grab control or if a newer more efficient decentralized cryptocurrency will arise. I hope for the latter but assume the former.

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