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The inflationary effect is one of the few good arguments I have heard against it. People simply raising prices to account for everyone having more money. One of the original ideas for UBI included a measure for that. It worked like this: Instead of 1000 per person it was 500 per person and the other 500 went to merchants to hold their prices steady. That by the way is a super simplified explanation of the mechanism. However that would be something that would have to be looked at for sure.


The money is there I am talking about creating new money not racking up federal debt. However the banking system would have to be radically changed to make it work. No more fractional reserve banking for one thing. (I can hear the howls of the bankers already) I have actually spent a fair amount of time studying it and it is 100% possible however the political will is 100% against it. I know it won't happen in my life time but as automation takes away low skilled jobs something will have to be done about the 49% of the population that is below average and simply not capable of getting more skills.

As far as the school district goes I'm with you on that (to an extent) if the schools are all properly funded to start with and parents in one district are willing to pay more to fund more then bully for them. In that case even poor kids will benefit as even the best school districts have some poor kids in them. If the schools are not properly funded then yeah they need to increase taxes to pay for them. It sucks but a well educated youth is beneficial to you as well. (less crime, more wealth creation etc.)

Pell Grants are on parents income. Good god you are so clueless. It is entirely possible for a family to make too much for pell grants and not enough for college, especially with multiple children. If you live in a high cost of living area it's even more likely.

So you back to the point of advantages you are saddling the kid with 24k in extra debt because their parents are right on the line and not perfect with money. So even counting summer work and selling plasma you are back at 48k. That's assuming the kid doesn't spend a penny besides tuition books and room and board (where do the stay during the summer, how does he get back and forth between school and home etc.) If he spends 600 bucks a year on those other expenses (does he go to class naked?) he just cracked your 50k line.

You expect a level of perfect money management from the poor that is simply not expected from any other group. The poor have no wiggle room, a budget that doesn't include emergency money is not a budget but a pile of numbers. You and most every other middle class and above person seems to think that just cause they can pull a pile of numbers out of their backsides that the poor can live on the pile of numbers.

We won't even get into the level of offensiveness that you are suggesting that you know better how they should live their life, how much free time they should have, how long they are going to need to spend on schoolwork, and how they should spend their money.

More like $2 in gas, $5 in scratch offs and $7 for a pack of smokes.

Amazing you turned 5 bucks to live-off to 14. I wish I had known you when I was poor.

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