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Friday, April 26, 2019

A huge mistake led to police officers arresting each other. Undercover police went to Detroit and posed as drug dealers. However, thanks to a mess up, another police group thought that they were real drug dealers and so they raided the house in what turned out to be one of the most embarrassing things ever seen in the department according to the Police chief

Friday, April 19, 2019

Smith was a famous singer before and during WWII who recorded the offensive jingle, "Pickaninny Heaven," which she directed at "colored children" who should fantasize about an amazing place with "great big watermelons," among other treats. She shot a video for that song that takes place in an orphanage for black children, and much of the imagery is startlingly racist. She also recorded, "That's Why Darkies Were Born," which included the lyrics, "Someone had to pick the cotton. ... That's why darkies were born."

Friday, April 05, 2019

An examination of the skeleton of General Casimir Pulaski, a Polish nobleman who was known as the "Father of the American Cavalry," shows that he may have actually been biologically female, according to a release from the university.

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Gaydos of Punta Gorda was reported to have stolen guitars and equipment on Jan. 31 and Feb. 7 in Sarasota County, according to Sarasota County Sheriff's Office. Gaydos, who played Zack "Zack-Attack" Mooneyham in the 2003 family comedy starring Jack Black, was also arrested Feb. 11 in Manatee County and Feb. 14 in Charlotte County, according to WWSB.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, a staunch ally of President Donald Trump, threatened Michael Cohen on Tuesday with the release of damaging personal information, the latest in a string of increasingly aggressive attacks on Trump's former lawyer as he testifies before Congress this week. read more


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