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Monday, June 26, 2017

Consumerist: Talk to any contractor or carpenter -- or most people who are reasonably familiar with home construction and repair -- and they'll tell you that a "4 by 4" piece of lumber is not actually four inches by four inches, and that it hasn't been that way in any of our lifetimes. Yet some Home Depot and Menards customers are -- literally -- making a federal case out of this discrepancy, accusing the retailers of false advertising. In two separate federal class-action lawsuits filed by the same attorney, shoppers accuse these two chains of selling "lumber products that were falsely advertised and labeled as having product dimensions that were not the actual dimensions of the products sold." read more

"If someone says, ‘My grandparents came legally, learned English, and assimilated quickly,' I can't challenge their personal story -- I don't know it," said Ngai. "But I do know that was not the experience of the vast majority."

...he discovered that his maternal grandfather, an Irishman, had entered the U.S. illegally from Canada in 1924 because he could not get a visa that year under the new quota laws. His grandfather failed in his first attempt, when he walked across a bridge into Detroit, got caught by U.S. customs officers, and was deported.

From Canada, the grandfather called his brother-in-law, a Chicago policeman, who came to Canada and met him there, White said. The pair then walked to Detroit, But this time the brother-in-law, who was dressed in his police uniform, flashed his badge at the customs officers, who waved the duo through.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

New footage has surfaced of more Trump Cabinet meetings. Sycophantic behavior is out of control. read more

Monday, May 29, 2017

The impending closure of Little Pete's [in Philadelphia] just got a lot more real: the popular diner at 17th and Chancellor streets will shut its doors forever this Memorial Day. If you're one of the Center City diner's many fans, be sure to enjoy one last meal there before the end of day on May 29th. Little Pete's was originally slated to close around August, before the 24-hour restaurant (which opened in 1978) will be demolished to make way for a Hyatt Centric hotel. read more

Monday, May 15, 2017

Freddy Pompeii, guitarist for the seminal Canadian punk band, the Viletones, succumbed last night to lung cancer. I was in his last band, Fight, F---, or Dance, and even past 70, he rocked silly. I was up in Toronto last Summer pushing our single and was absolutely amazed at how every record shop clerk, every worker at the radio station and even random punks on the street, all knew and loved Freddy. Philly Voice interviewed him two months ago. read more


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