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It would seem you'd need a special permit to start a fire in city park. I doubt this was legal but I wouldn't discourage everyone from doing their part to curb global warming, as I sit here in the middle of the largest April snowstorm in recorded history with the longest stretch since the last time the temperature reached 60 degrees in over 150 years.

#3 | Posted by visitor_ at 2018-04-15 10:24 AM | Reply | Flag:

Let's forget about all of the record high, or near record high temperatures that were set in January, February, and March. Also, let's forget about the fact the Arctic has had the highest temperatures in Winter ever recorded. (see this article , for example.) Snow in April and some cooler-than-average temperatures in parts of the US proves the world is colder than ever. Or, maybe, this is an example of the Arctic Vortex breaking down, allowing cold air that was supposed to be trapped in the Arctic to spill into lower latitudes. It also allows warmer air to penetrate into the Arctic, raising the temperatures there.

By the way, I'm not sure where you live, but the snow totals I'm seeing projected for this storm don't even come close to the records for most places. The upper-Midwest is getting something like 12" or so ... which isn't even a record for Minnesota in April: April Snow Records for Minnesota While it did, apparently, set a record for snowiest April in Minneapolis-St.Paul by about 2" over 1983. However, Boston, for example, received more snow in one storm known as the "April Fools Day Blizzard" in 1997.

Let's also not forget this Winter wasn't even all that snowy, comparatively. There were a few large snowstorms in quick succession, but snowfall totals weren't breaking any records for the season. Here's a good site to do some historical research on. Looking at the 6 months from Oct 2017 to Mar 2018, the US had higher than average high temperatures, low temperatures, and average temperatures. In that same 6 months, the US had lower than average precipitation. Maybe your freaky April storm and stretch of cool weather doesn't really say a lot about global, or even US, climate.

Even the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Project, now known as Berkeley Earth, founded by a "skeptic", has had to admit that a) the Earth is warming, and b) that warming is largely driven by humans. See: Wikipedia and Berkeley Earth's own site. Absolutely everyone who has _objectively_ looked at the data has come to the same conclusion. The science and the data are clear, humans are causing global temperatures to rise. Don't let your political stance on what to do about that fact cloud your judgment.

Anyway, I thought this thread was originally more about representation in congress and the pipe dream of California having six senators than it was about the EC.

#22 | Posted by sentinel at 2018-04-14 07:54 PM | Reply | Funny: 1 | Newsworthy 1

I think it's clear this is about several things: 1) Break the hold of the large population centers like LA and SF over state politics; 2) through the previous, to help break the influence of California on national regulations/business, such as the emissions regulations on cars; 3) create a reliably "red" state within the Electoral College and the Senate, as well as open up some contested seats/EC votes in another; 4) further dilute the influence of the large population centers in national politics - that is, create more low-density states to further unbalance the EC versus population; and 5) also dilute the large population centers influence in the House, since they are unlikely to increase the size of the House sufficiently to re-balance the representation.

In the end, it looks to me like an effort by Republicans to break up a reliably Democratic state to weaken the Democratic party in both sate-level and national politics. It wouldn't be much different from a proposal to break NYC off from the rest of NY. I haven't done the math, but my suspicion is the proposed boundaries would further empower low-density population areas where Republicans believe they will have more influence. It opens California's EC votes up to challenge without dividing the votes for a reliably-Republican state like TX. The biggest EC prize now becomes TX, and it's not turning "blue" any time soon.

This looks a lot like the redistricting fights - attempts to divide the population in such a way as to dilute the power of a particular group or groups in favor of a different group. "Big data" statistics used to political advantage.

Sense all SES appointees are nominated by the chief executive, they are all political appointees. With the scandals racking the senior leadership of the FBI seems to suggest that the SES is not the only source of the Deep State.

#18 | Posted by docnjo at 2018-04-04 12:49 PM | Reply | Flag:

All military commissioned officers are also "appointed" by the the chief executive. Are they political appointees? You say you were military, surely you were aware of this. Ask Boaz about how congress had to approve his appointment to Major - along with every other person selected to promotion to Major in all of the services. Do you think anyone in congress even had the first clue who most of those people were?

You clearly do not understand the US Government and how it works. Here is a little reading for you: Officer of the United States

The fact that a large number of current SES's were "appointed" by Obama is down to the fact there were hiring freezes or reductions in hiring during previous administrations. Things get desperate, the pendulum swings, and there is a big spate of hiring. As an example, the Department of Defense received a mandate under the NDAA of 2007 to start hiring more acquisition employees and rebuilding the acquisition workforce that had been reduced and replaced with outside contractors. It took some time to start that process and get employees in the door. You will often see waves of hiring in the Federal Government when the last group hired in a wave start retiring.

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