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SS is not a welfare program. Only the ones cheating SS are4 using it as welfare.

* Steve Benen picked up on something that is going to come as a big surprise to an awful lot of people. It starts with this statement from Trump during his meeting with House Republicans yesterday.

Trump thanked party leaders, expressed optimism about the Senate bill, and said he believed that Congress ought to move to "welfare reform" after completing the tax bill, according to several members in the room.

Benen explains that "welfare reform" means something different to this president than most people assume. He's not talking about making changes to the TANF program, as happened during Bill Clinton's presidency. Instead, what welfare reform means to this president was telegraphed when John Harwood interviewed Gary Cohn.

HARWOOD: Are you thinking that you'll deal with that Social Security/Medicare/baby boomer retirement issue later by entitlement reform that reduces benefits?

COHN: Look, the president on the economic front laid out three core principles. Number one was [regulatory] reform, number two was taxes and number three was infrastructure. We're working our way methodically through [regulatory] reform, taxes and infrastructure. I think when he gets done with those, I think welfare is going to come up. That's our near-term economic agenda right now.

Benen writes, "Note how ‘welfare' came in response to a question about social-insurance programs like Social Security and Medicare." If he's right, that would be yuuuuuge.

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