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Monday, March 06, 2017

It seems that the TRUMP marquee and management has become as attractive as herpes in the Toronto real estate market.


Danni I believe Tmaster is referring to marinol/dronabinol,a synthetic thc.It actually gets you very stoned but does little if nothing for neuropathic pain.

Prescription dronabinol has been studied for postoperative and neuropathic pain and was not found to be any better than placebo. For chronic non-cancer pain, it has been found to be only slightly better than placebo. There have been fewer studies of marijuana than cannabinoid pharmaceuticals, perhaps in part due to regulatory restrictions, but marijuana has better results for pain in the few studies that have been done. In all of these studies, smoked marijuana was found to be better than placebo in relieving pain. Another study examined the effects of marijuana that was vaporized (not smoked) and found that it too was better than placebo at relieving neuropathic/nerve pain.

Either fight to win or don't fight at all.

#155 | Posted by JeffJ

To take a complex issue and break it down to a platitude for politicking is Donald's forte..Donald's simplistic platitude is for his audience, purchasers of hats and T shirts to be merchandised with his latest witty quip.Donald is using this issue to convince the folks the reason he hasn't defeated ISIL is he needs some time and more power to untie the hands.Until the hands are untied its the other guys fault.
With a depleted military and a Somalia like 42% unemployment, 30 years of inept presidents preceding him allowing the USA to be defiled like a crack ho desperate for a hit,Donald doesn't have time to learn that Wars traditionally occurred between nation states and when the United States has fought traditional wars like ww1 & ww2 with clear military and industrial targets they fought with their hands untied because American liberty and the homeland were threatened .

The military's purpose outside of national defense is as a foriegn policy tool wielded to achieve goals when other means of influence have failed.Korea and Vietnam were wars of intervention to stop "communism" where neither nation posed a threat to the physical well being of Americans and the military goal was to defeat a political force with a military force.

When the French left and the US took over the only way to define winning was keep the crooked democracy propped up.90% of the Vietnamese population could have been killed and it wouldn't have changed the prerequisite that to win the USA had to keep a unpopular government in power that was the final remnant of french colonialism .

It has been US policy since Standard oil set up shop in Saudi Arabia to ensure US corporate interests have been achieved through the shaping of US foriegn policy to keep friends in power like the Saudi's royal family, Omar Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein.When they are no longer "friendly"and other methods have failed to protect US interests, the military was used in Saddam's case to remove his base of resistance, Iraq's army.

The troops did a fine job wiping out Iraq's military the Use of the military here achieved the foreign policy goal of removing Saddam from power .It is due to the lack of a post war planning that the insurgency broke out and ISIS formed.None the less the military was no longer at war with a nation states military and the role shifted to supporting the maintaining of the peace until a political solution is achieved where the state can function without support.

The Military is a foreign policy tool used to achieve a goal and that goal is in the end is peace.Donald being the first modern president without a graduate degree and no experience in a adversarial system shows little ability to grasp the complexities of military use as a political tool.He will continue to fumble and blame others throughout his reign because scapegoating from a bully pulpit is his only real political talent.

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