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Saturday, June 15, 2019

By now you are probably fully aware of the insane awesomeness that is Russian slap championship. However, I'm willing to bet you never heard of Russian ass slapping championship! It is the spin-off nobody asked for but everyone is surprisingly okay with it.

Hot fit chicks slapping each other's asses to find out which Russian fit chick has been doing her Slav squats and who has been slacking off. The sport made it's debut a few days ago at a face slapping event and judging by its coverage and mass fan appeal ... it's not a stretch to say that we will be seeing more of the Ass slapping championship.

Friday, June 14, 2019

President Donald Trump claimed migration through the U.S. southern border has already slowed dramatically following a deal with the Mexican government, and that former Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Tom Homan would return to his administration as "border czar." "The stoppage is unbelievable," Trump said in a phone interview with Fox News on Friday. "I got reports yesterday. It's like night and day." Mexico says about 600,000 migrants traveled through the country to the U.S. border between January and May. U.S. border officials apprehended about 133,000 people at the border in May, triple the amount a year earlier.

Monday, June 10, 2019

ThinkProgress, the website that is a project of the Democratic Party's primary think tank, is facing dire financial troubles and bleeding staff, according to primary-source documents viewed by The Daily Beast. read more

If today's hearing was any indication, the House Judiciary Committee has a long way to go before anything resembling President Donald Trump's impeachment transpires. However, if Democrats want to take down President Donald Trump, they're going to have to go ahead and impeach him -- a step that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made abundantly clear she does not want to take.

If today's hearing was a first step toward impeachment, it was a most tentative tiptoe. It was less a prelude to a constitutional confrontation than a dry law-school seminar that Trump's conduct as described in the special counsel's 448-page opus constituted obstruction of justice, and amounted to a crime. Notably, it was Republican lawmakers who more frequently brought up the "I" word.

"You are functionally here as a prop because they can't impeach President Trump," Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida, told Dean. He wasn't altogether wrong, as this ultimately silly hearing proved.

A widely anticipated meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump at the end of this month in Japan could be a formal face-to-face negotiation over dinner instead of a quick handshake and chat, a source who was briefed on the arrangement told the South China Morning Post.

The outcome of the meeting could decide whether tensions between the world's two largest economies will ease enough to allow for a resumption of negotiations, or whether the US will place tariffs on another US$300 billion worth of Chinese goods, bringing US tariffs to 25% on a total of $550B in Chinese goods.

George Magnus, an associate at Oxford University's China Centre, said that the US-China relations now lacks the effective institutional architecture for engagement and this is "why the state leaders have to spearhead some sort of rapprochement – assuming that one or both actually want to". read more


This a a description of the "supplementary agreement" from the AFP:

The document is a "supplementary agreement" to the deal the US and Mexico signed last Friday, and outlines additional measures the two sides agree to take.

The two countries "will immediately begin discussions to establish definitive terms for a binding bilateral agreement to further address burden-sharing and the assignment of responsibility for processing refugee status claims of migrants," it says.

Under that "binding bilateral agreement," the countries "would accept the return, and process refugee status claims, of third-party nationals who have crossed that party's territory to arrive" in the neighboring country, it says.

That language appears to resemble Trump's demand for a "safe third country" agreement in which migrants entering Mexican territory would have to seek asylum there, not the United States, and be immediately deported to Mexico if they entered the US.

The document adds that the agreement would be "part of a regional approach" to dealing with undocumented migrants and refugees.

"Mexico also commits to immediately begin examining domestic laws and regulations with a view to identifying any changes that may be necessary to bring into force and implement such an agreement," it says.

Under last Friday's main deal, Mexico agreed to deploy 6,000 National Guardsmen to reinforce its southern border, and to expand its policy of taking back migrants as the United States processes their asylum claims.

If after 45 days the US decides, "at its discretion and after consultation with Mexico," that those measures are not enough, Mexico "will take all necessary steps under domestic law to bring the (binding bilateral) agreement into force with a view to ensuring that the agreement will enter into force within 45 days," the document concludes.

Interesting in that it seems like Mexico is going to become as close to a safe third country as they can get without officially being designated as one.

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