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And I am concerned about the 1/2 trillion dollars we give to china every year. In case you are a little slow getting up this morning, that is our trade deficit with them.

#10 | POSTED BY SNIPER AT 2018-07-03 01:20 PM |

Gawd Snippy you are competing for the Boazo award.

A dozen years ago pig brains borrowed billions from China to prop up and economy in order a fight war they wouldn't tax to fight . didn't need to fight, and at the time estimated it would cost 8-9 billion...and the oil would soon pay for...

Not sure why you want to be rude to the people that loaned you money to fight that war that didn't need to happen.... . here we are all those years later and China still holding the paper and you want to find a way to wrangle your way out of it. You know... the average low paid Chinese worker save 25% of their meager salaries for retirement...and Bush-hole and you pig brains nearly flushed all that down the toilet.. rather than pay for the Iraq folly yourselves... since is was for our safety, and our prosperity... Once again the republicl°wns are all uppity with egg on their collective faces. The Chinese don't owe us anything ... and right now not a lot of respect because of the ignorance displayed by buffoons like you.

The nuclear armed Chinese work as a collective.... 1/4 of the planet lives there... They do conscripted military service... the fighting force alone could replace every person in the US....you think they are afraid of the king of default? I'm guessing they are willing to break a few knee caps if they need to.

You pigs wonder why you feel left out of the American dream? Look at the stupid $ℏ∣₸ you dream up.

Drudge Retort

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