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Republiclowns are pigs

As a straight man, I've often thought that I would make a fabulous lesbian. ;)


Nothing like continuing the myth.... if you ever listen to transgendered M2F doing the boohoos after discovering that there is more to being a woman that living living w/o a penis.

Its a real no man's land of silicone and self inflicted ------- mutilation. Even when its on purpose that fact remains that men don't have the balls to live with out a weener

F2M's fair better... even though there isn't yet an operation that makes a penis worth having.... so they still rely on the store bought variety.

I once knew a man that ran a strip-o-gram service...both male and female. It was essentially a pimping service "in disguise". He would run several ads in the phonebook pretending to be competitors... it was a very busy business (es). He told me the difference between men and women customers was that women would ask what do they get for the money... the men asked what will she do for the money. He had to edit and re-edit his sales-pitch to avoid stings... but occasionally his "entertainers" would get caught in a sting and he would bail them out and had a small team of lawyers on speed dial. He was still rolling in the bucks.

I asked him if he thought it should be legal and he said he didn't want it to be legal because he felt it would kill his business. The way it was he made whatever the hourly rate on the books and he pocketed a tip split on under the table. A lot of folding cash passed through his hands and he paid cash for everything.

Like with drugs...I think there is a lot of organized crime and a fair share of police and politicians that like things the way they are... and keeping it illegal drives the price making them a tidy nest of "mattress money".

It should be legalized and the "entertainers" protected and most importantly licensed... to keep them from spreading the various sex cooties and what not.

You know... since pot is legal in some states several states ... the growers are bawling... it's taking the steam out of the underground market... the nation loses a lot of tax revenue to underground economies.

Drudge Retort

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