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There are so many things to unwrap here...
Assange is hailed a hero because he revealed "secrets the government didn't want you to know". There are those who see the defense of his b.s. as "freedom of the press".

Like millions of civillians were killed during our last invasion of Iraq... like this was news to any logical person.Those of us who objected to that war already knew this... and those that wanted that war didn't care.

That the U.S. is "spying" on its citizens... invading privacy etc. (eye roll)Like once you hit the enter key and your whatever is sent over the internet it should be private? LMAO ffs grow a brain! Once it leaves your space... its out there... that has forever been the case... since the dawn of communication. You want privacy? Turn off your computer and unplug your data drives.

He had no agendas other than to show the people something so they could save themselves or what ever...like some little Crusader Rabbit... then came the obvious and the DNC hacked email dump... then suddenly everyone was appalled that politics was so cut throat... mostly because Sanders got his throat cut. Geeze welcome to the real world.

Hacking isn't investigating... dumping isn't reporting... or maybe it is because this is the 21st century... and those of you defending this scummy little pig don't get to complain if your private information is used against you in the most trivial of ways... because you cheered when it happened to the DNC... the toothpaste isn't going back in that tube any time soon.

Drudge Retort

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