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You are a real ------- for thinking that those who protect and serve this republic are moochers.
You are the problem with our country.

#18 | POSTED BY BOAZ AT 2018-12-08 07:54 PM | FLAG: MORE BS

Look I get it Boazo you are retired getting your monthly from the gov...and now you got a job on top of that so you are feeling really good about things in your life.. but trust me if you didn't have that you would get why others are feeling the way they do. But as usual, you have just demonstrated again how out of touch you are with reality with your permanent gov. paycheck.... and the government paycheck is keeping you out of touch.

As far as that other part of your ignorant diatribe about people protecting the country... you were in the military when 9/11 hit.... your headquarters in Arlington was attacked!! How did that happen to a bunch of bad @$$eS like you?
Where were you then? You were flying around in circles wondering what the hell happened.... meanwhile back at the ranch in NYC it was civilians who were running around protecting and saving lives until you "protectors" got your $hi† together..... and the last plane attacking us was taken down by civilians when our country was under attack... by a bunch of high school graduates with box cutter ... so screw you dumb@$$.

Fact is the US has not engaged in a war of that instils pride of service since 1939.... so really you overrate your performance... I get that you work for the sacred cow... but the fact is you are only a cow... and right now you are spewing B.S.

My father died from the effects of agent orange... the government told him his scared up face was from some sort of jungle fungus...

Remember what happened to Ukrainian president Victor Yushchenko when he was poisoned with dioxin?


At the hands of the US gov that happened to my father... along with countless others. His and their conditions were left untreated... attributed to some "unknown"... so he went blind, the soles of his feet the palms of his hands would grow thick crack and peel off

I hope the hell this lawsuit opens a HUGE can of worms and exposes the complicity of the military.

Drudge Retort

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