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Wednesday, October 04, 2017

The Monopoly guy has gone to Washington. A person dressed in a black top hat and bushy white mustache, occasionally putting on a monocle or dabbing forehead sweat with giant paper money, sat in the audience of the Senate Banking Committee hearing on the Equifax data breach on Wednesday. Former Equifax CEO Richard Smith didn't seem to notice. The person was dressed to resemble the character Rich Uncle Pennybags from the classic board game. ... The Monopoly man is part of a protest by a group that wants to draw attention to forced arbitration clauses that are used throughout the financial industry and limit consumers' ability to take disputes to court. read more

Friday, September 15, 2017

A Fox News radio host and columnist doesn't like the idea of Superman protecting immigrants from being massacred. Todd Starnes slammed the Man of Steel for being an "illegal alien" and called him a "propaganda tool for the defenders of illegal aliens" in an opinion piece for the Fox News website. In the scene in the latest edition of "Action Comics," an armed man decked out in an American flag bandana lines up a group of immigrants he blames for taking his job. As he opens fire, Superman steps in, deflects the bullets, rescues the immigrants and captures the would-be mass shooter. read more


I am so bloody tired of this go'round every single time.

Look, people are going to sit back in their chairs and try to suss out WHY he did this and what DROVE him to it. They're missing the single most important piece of the puzzle (and I'll get shouted down for this simple truth, I know) He did it because he COULD.

As a species, we like to ascribe a level of rationality to our actions and our thoughts, but if we sit down and examine ourselves carefully, we will realize we are FAR from rational actors. As a species, there are a large number of us who hold onto a belief of some invisible, all powerful entity (or entities) who loves us but is looking for any excuse to send us to some eternal punishment.

We say we want to help society, but we then rig the system to give advantage to the ones who say it's for our own good.

We bend the world to our desire, then, when we notice it's in danger of collapse, we deliberately ignore it.

And that brings us back to this issue...

Is the problem guns? Absolutely.

Is the problem mental illness? Absolutely.

And there is a solution to both issues, but those who want to defend guns at all costs won't see that they are a large part of the problem and those who want to force people to adhere to extremely strict gun restrictions won't see that they, also, are a large part of the problem.

The solution is very simple.

We have two real options here: First, we can realize that the major problem is inequality, which is brought about by massive financial and, more importantly, educational imbalance within the country. If we fix this, we can seriously lower the amount of violence.

Second, we can finally admit this experiment called the United States was a fool's errand because we are not smart enough to play with such a toy, we dissolve the country and start again.

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