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#20 Which part of "here illegally" does not translate to violating the law in your opinion?

Ofcourse, undocumented immigrants are here illegally. The question is who violated federal immigration statues, what culpability an individual has in the matter, and what the appropriate resolution would be. There is an intense policy debate on all sides about these things.

Source facts about immigration vs stereotypes.

#20 If anything, this is just one more reason to build the wall.

We actually already have a wall over large sections of our southern border. Yes some of it needs repaired, but 2/3 of "illegal" immigrants do not get in by crossing the border illegally. They ride, drive, or fly legally.


#20 Our government and court system is either incompetent of knowingly trying to hurt the US middle class.[sic][..or..]

To be honest, the only incompetent thing you've provided evidence for is not completing your thought.

#20 No black person should ever vote for a democrat unless then have a college degree.

And then why would they vote Democrat? Do you have an idea here or are you just dogwhistling?

#20 The flood of unskilled illegals has hammered them the most in the job market and likely caused thousands of deaths as people get desperate and turn to drugs/crime in lieu of a job. How do Democrats sleep at night?

Do you have evidence to account for the facts that your asserting? 1) African Americans are suffering the most due to illegal immigrantion? 2) The thousands of deaths are caused directly due to both (at the same time in the same instance) lack of availible jobs caused by illegal immigrantion and the crime/drugs that were caused as a result of that. It's not enough to cherry pick a case, you have to show that the magnitude was so high to cause thousands of deaths (past tense).

Ive brought facts and sources to back up my opinions. Your turn.Dont write checks with your mouth that your facts can't cash.

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