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Monday, July 02, 2018

France's most famous gangster on Sunday made a spectacular jailbreak with the help of three heavily-armed accomplices who landed in his jail in a helicopter and flew out with him on board. Redoine Faid was being visited by his brother in Réau prison in the Paris region when the men burst into the room on Sunday morning and extracted him. A third man waited in the helicopter in the prison courtyard to watch over the pilot, a flying instructor whose aircraft the men hijacked in a nearby airfield and whom they forced to take part in the dramatic operation

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

When a government acts capriciously, especially against a powerless and much-reviled group, it is hard to describe the terror and anxiety. There is nowhere to turn, because the only people with the power to help have trained their guns and dogs upon you. You are without rights, held without charge or trial. The world is upside down, information-less, and indifferent or even hostile to your plight. And yet, with hideous irony, I can still say, "At least during the internment ... " At least during the internment, when I was just 5 years old, I was not taken from my parents.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Hours after returning from a trip where he lavished praise on one of the world's worst dictators, President Trump declared that America's biggest enemy is ... "fake news."
He singled out NBC and CNN in his angry tweet on Wednesday. Trump frequently portrays the news media as one of his enemies, but rarely has he been this blunt about it. Wednesday's tweet harkens back to February 2017, when he called several news outlets "the enemy of the American People!" He was roundly criticized back then. This time, there's been a somewhat more muted reaction, perhaps because he is repeating himself. But it's important to recognize just how extreme this rhetoric is. read more

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Yale Police officers on Monday evening interrogated a black graduate student, Lolade Siyonbola GRD '19, for more than 15 minutes, after a white graduate student reported Siyonbola to the police for sleeping in the HGS common room. "You're in a Yale Building and we need to make sure that you belong here," one of the officers said to Siyonbola, according to a video of the incident Siyonbola posted to Facebook.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

If you need proof the red hot Bay Area real estate market shows no signs of cooling, consider this. In Fremont, a buyer put up over a million dollars to purchase a house that's been condemned. The home sits mid-block on Bruce Drive. It was condemned in 2013, and has three-bedrooms, and two-bathrooms. The roof has holes and mildew is eating away the interior. The house Just sold for a whopping $1.23M.


In 1988, scientists carried out carbon-14 dating of the delicate linen cloth and concluded that the material was made some time between 1260 and 1390. Their study prompted the then archbishop of Turin, where the Shroud is stored, to admit that the garment was a hoax.


They're taking some liberties on saying "archbishop of Turin, where the Shroud is stored, to admit that the garment was a hoax".

From a 1988 article:

"'These test do not close the book on the shroud,' said Cardinal Ballestrero, who is Archbishop of Turin. "This is but another chapter in the shroud's story, or as some would say, in the mystery of the should.'"


Yes, he says it's not authentic but he was also the one to announce the results of the carbon dating. But say it act like it was a hoax that church knew about for centuries is just false.

"But Luigi Gonella, the archbishop's scientific adviser, bristled at suggestions the shroud is a forgery. "A forgery is for the specific purpose of deceiving people. It could be possible, but there is no proof," Gonella said. "This could be a medieval icon. We don't even know how it was made.""


There's a lot of great info on that site, including this one. An autopsy by a forensic pathologist.


Goes into further detail here...

From the angulation of the stain on the wrist as well as the direction of flows of blood on
the forearms, it is possible to approximate the position of the victim at the time of the
injury and subsequent blood flow. Blood follows the laws of gravity, and if one were to
extend the arms laterally until the bloodstains appear vertical, it would show that the arm
position was approximately 65 degrees above the horizontal at the time of the blood flow.
The divergence of the streams suggests that two positions were maintained by the victim
during the period of the blood flow. The difference in angulation is about 10 degrees and
can be explained by the victim elevating his body by directing his weight toward the feet
and then changing position to permit the full body weight to be supported by the wrists.


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