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Monday, October 08, 2018

Lately, we have heard lamentations from public intellectuals that the bonds of our union are fraying. It is worse now than at any point since the 1850s! And of course we all know what happened next ... Nonsense. Our union is all right. It may not be the happiest of moments in our nation's history -- though it is far from the least happy! -- but the state of our union is strong. To me, this whole argument illustrates that we need a better class of public intellectuals -- the current crop seems not to understand the origins of our country, the logic animating the Constitution, or most of the intervening history between then and now. And it is not for nothing that America to these folks is always on the precipice of greatness or disaster depending on the party affiliation of the current occupant of the White House read more

Thursday, October 04, 2018

A closely watched case could saddle the industry with higher costs that could hit consumers and ripple throughout the economy. The case, New Prime Inc. v. Oliveira, No. 17-340, pits business interests against labor groups in the first major case of the term that could have consequences for hundreds of thousands of American workers and potentially millions of consumers. It comes amid a bruising confirmation battle for Brett Kavanaugh, whom President Donald Trump nominated in July to succeed Anthony Kennedy, long considered the court's swing vote.

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

On Wednesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) introduced new legislation on TARP's anniversary. It is aimed at the central, still-unaddressed issue of the last disaster: the ungovernable size of the country's biggest banks.




1. Determine the shipping cost for a specified period of time. For example, assume that a company spent $30,000 in shipping during the year.

2. Determine the average inventory for the same period of time. If you do not know the average inventory figure, you can add the beginning inventory to the ending inventory figure and divide this sum by 2. For example, assume the beginning inventory was $1million and the ending inventory was $1,500,000. ($1,000,000 + $1,500,000) / 2 = $1,250,000.

3. Divide the shipping cost by the average inventory figure. Continuing the same example, $30,000 / $1,200,000 = 0.025 x 100 = 2.5 percent. This figure represents the shipping costs as a percentage of inventory.

Your percentage of shipping is off Bayviking it's not .02 ... This would be a bigger impact than you think per the example let's say cost went up to $50,000 that would increase the percent to 4.1 (which is a realistic # that could very well happen)

It's an interesting case.

IMO There are some predatory trucking outfits like Prime Inc that take advantage of new drivers by making them "independent contractors", they do things like Sheep ^ pointed out above in #15. If and when these things are corrected it will affect the cost of goods significantly.


" "Prior research has shown that many mass shooters have explicitly admitted they want fame and have directly reached out to media organizations to get it," the researchers noted. "These fame-seeking offenders are particularly dangerous because they kill and wound significantly more victims than other active shooters, they often compete for attention by attempting to maximize victim fatalities, and they can inspire contagion and copycat effects."

IMO Part of the problem is the coverage the media gives mass shooters. It's the easiest thing we can change, and something that can and should be done immediately.

Here is a similar study on suicides and media coverage also.



DNC already knew it would hit the poor and middle class harder they don't care.

IMHO it's not that we shouldn't switch to renewables, it we shouldn't do it at the cost that we are ie don't force the energy bills higher to it more gradually as the tech gets better.

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