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Saturday, August 11, 2018

From would-be sex therapist to musician in a band named Pieces of F--k to Democratic nominee for Congress in Nebraska, Kara Eastman has had an interesting career trajectory. read more



" "Prior research has shown that many mass shooters have explicitly admitted they want fame and have directly reached out to media organizations to get it," the researchers noted. "These fame-seeking offenders are particularly dangerous because they kill and wound significantly more victims than other active shooters, they often compete for attention by attempting to maximize victim fatalities, and they can inspire contagion and copycat effects."

IMO Part of the problem is the coverage the media gives mass shooters. It's the easiest thing we can change, and something that can and should be done immediately.

Here is a similar study on suicides and media coverage also.



DNC already knew it would hit the poor and middle class harder they don't care.

IMHO it's not that we shouldn't switch to renewables, it we shouldn't do it at the cost that we are ie don't force the energy bills higher to it more gradually as the tech gets better.

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