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The next time I want to build a poor imitation of a gun which is in fact solid sand cast aluminum, is totally inoperable, has no moving parts, no bore, no breech and no capacity to hold bullets, I'll go straight to this video.

Casting working gun parts is illegal.The point of the video was to show how easy it is to cast parts. While aluminum was shown you can also cast pot metal, soft steel and even pig iron. Rebel armies in Africa, Eurasia, South America, and the Middle East have used sand castings to build rifles and pistols for decades. Always amazes me how the public can be lured into thinking they are safe because of a "law" on paper vs a homemade pistol in the hands of a drug crazed criminal.

While UK had less strict gun laws many years ago but that didn't stop the Irish from killing themselves or British troops that got in the way during the troubles. Many of these weapons, grenades, and even landmines were home made.

Today, even with stricter gun laws, it's too much to expect refugees from the Middle East who spent most of their lives in a war zone to arrive at the UK and start walking with bowlers and umbrellas stuffing their faces with fish and chips.

They have no basis in British culture no respect for their laws. They are going to do what a life time of war and violence has taught them...

Strayed a bit here... based on my last trip... someone or someones are making a lot of homemade pistols that are showing up all over London. Some very bad people are arming themselves and they are going to make the Kray brothers look like little angels.

I'll give it a year before the bobbies are running for their lives.

Will even skip a step and tell you now... I told you so...

Ownership of hand guns by private citizens of the UK was effectively banned...

How to ignore UK Gun laws and build your own untraceable gun.


effectively banned... what a joke...

As for Trump - he is president of the US. He can press a button and vaporize London. I don't think he cares about no toy balloon...

...on the other hand, that balloon will make a swell target in a country that doesn't have shootin range's...

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