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First I would look for a real female Royal Marine... not a model or an actress but the real thing. A realistic any women could be doing this type person... I like using real people or people that look real.

There are NONE as this will be the first year they are being accepted for training. So find one in the royal navy.


Second... 007 is no longer just a person but a 4 man/woman team. The 00 program has been changed so that secret teams now go out and accomplish the missions. Also known as M's "death squads." Teams are put together for each mission....Mission Impossible style. Their motto is "Strike Anytime, Anyone, Any Where"

Third... all 007's have a great opening to start things off... so here's mine...

Royal Pageant at Buckingham Palace. Solders, Horses, the whole thing. Part of the Royal family exits the door way and enters a car. The car follows a parade route. Suddenly the car breaks free and careens through the streets of London as Police cars join the chase. Pedestrians are shocked to see the royal family screaming and trying to kick out the windows as the car screams by.

The car approaches a seedy side of London and then suddenly speeds up as it drives through a dock and into the Thames. A Metro police car following them comes to a stop and the two police men dive into the river to save them. 30 seconds later, their bodies float to the surface with diving spears through the hearts.

The driver and the royal family have disappeared...

Que credits and theme song.

Weatherford, Texas - Edwin was getting out of a small swimming pool outside his house when he touched the side of the trailer home and was electrocuted, Star-Telegram media partner WFAA reported.

The Parker County Sheriff's Department hired an electrician to investigate the cause of the shock. The electrician determined an old breaker box that is not made anymore and improperly connected wires in the house's walls caused the shock.

The hot wire was tied to the aluminum walls of the trailer. The walls were also tied to ground. Nobody noticed for 20 years till a wet child stepped out of an inflatable pool, tripped and fell forward and touched the wall.

But not the only in Texas...

NEW BOSTON, Texas - After their 10-year-old daughter was electrocuted Saturday in their New Boston, Texas, rental home, Scott Hendrix and Shelby Roos are speaking.

According to a report by KTAL-TV, Greenlee Buckley was looking for some baby kittens behind the family's dryer when she was electrocuted.

"There was enough electricity when I grabbed the dryer that it knocked me back," Hendrix said. "And, between adrenaline and panic, I grabbed the dryer out of the wall and got my little girl. She was already gone."

Greenlee's parents claim they've had electrical issues in the rental home before.

"I had been shocked by the washer and shocked by the dryer, but in the back of my mind it was like a static electricity shock," Roos said.

They said there were even problems in the bathroom.

"If one of us took a shower in there and you hit your head on the shower knob you would get shocked," Roos said.

The parents said they complained to their landlord, but claim only unlicensed people were sent to fix the problems. Now, they are warning others about addressing any electrical issues.

I know EXACTLY what is causing it... almost happened to me...

Gas is brought into the house by rigid metal pipe. The metal pipe is connected to the clothes dryer or water heater through a small copper pipe with ridges or bellows to make it bendable to connected it to the natural gas appliance. This bendable pipe is called "gasflex" and is found everywhere.

Problems happen when you connect it to the AC-Furnace. Every AC system has a big electric motor and a squirrel cage fan. This assembly is called an "air mover" or "air handler".

If you don't change your air filters regularly, eventually dust and dirt will settle on the vanes of the squirrel cage causing it to rotate unevenly. As it unevenly rotates the whole AC- Heater box assembly starts jumping and shaking. This will eventually wear out the bearings on the electric motor and destroy the vanes in the squirrel cage.

It will also, through time, cause cracks to appear on the "gasflex". Typically the pipe is under 18 lbs pressure controlled by the Gas regulator outside your house. It will shut down the gas supply if there is an open hole in the pipe.

But these gas leaks are so slow - it thinks it's just another appliance using the gas.

Natural gas is heaver than air so it sinks to the lowest point of the house. If someone is there they can smell it... (rotten eggs)

Otherwise, it keeps building up, till it reaches the pilot flame of the water heater or the sparks from the brushes of the electric motor on the air handler and then...

...>>> BOOM

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