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This partial shutdown will gradually worsen as no more business is getting done. Things will fall apart. Things will fall apart when the center does not hold. You are promoting the destruction of the US Government.


Sounds like a plot to a cheesy SciFi movie...

Our government has been around for 200 years. In good times and bad. In times much much worse than this and it has survived.

You my friend are a bit confused, thinking money is the ONLY thing driving our government. But how wrong you are.

Right now men and women continue to work without pay. Why? Because they are ordered to? No, these highly skilled individuals can easily find employment in the private sector.

They continue to work because they believe what they are doing is is right and just. They believe what they are doing is good for both our country and our planet.

They believe.... they believe... no not just believe but have the strongest of faith in our country, our government but most importantly, it's people.

It's the exact same faith that carried poor ragged farmers through the cold winter at Valley Forge and gave them the courage to fight the worlds greatest army.

That and thousands of other battles both large and small.

Tomorrow will be a new day and when the sun comes up, you will still find Uncle Sam doing what he does best. Serving the American people because our government just doesn't represent the American people... it is the American people.

A young democrat once said it best..."Ask not what your country can do for you... Ask what you can do for your country..."

Look at those who continue to work without pay and you'll find they still carry the faith.

Americans are many things, even a bit crazy, but most of all we are adaptable.

So have faith my friend, tomorrow will be another day... and should Uncle Sam take off his hat and ask for help, don't be surprised if you find long lines of unpaid volunteers wanting keep things going.

As I said, we are all a bit crazy.

You "hit" Trump and he locks up and kills little children.

If you didn't try to sneak in you wouldn't be locked up. Of the many thousands of children under USBP care only 2 have died. Both were sick before they went into detention and both went into hospitals for treatment when many American Citizens can't even afford to go. As part of the 5 Billion, Trump wants to buy 56,000 beds so kids don't have to sleep on the floor and pay for additional judges so illegals can be deported in a few days instead of waiting in cages for months.

You "hit" Trump and he takes away your pay.

Only Congress can set up the budget. They can override Trump at anytime with a simple majority vote in both House and Senate. Trump wants pretty much everything that Obama wanted... but he's Trump. Democrat congress is only too happy to punish Trump by taking away your pay.

You "hit" Trump and he tells the enemy where and when you will be (that's not illegal is it?)

Not illegal and Presidents have been doing it since WW1. Notice that he said he is removing troops out of Syria. He's kinda sketchy on were they are going... could be back to America... or could be marching into Iran or Turkey... With 4,000 bases throughout the planet... American's military can be anywhere and everywhere at the same time. While Nukes make a lot of noise. Our military's non-nuclear options are far more effective.

You "hit" Trump and he sends his "Fixer"."

So true... his "fixer" will shower you with money to keep you quiet.

You "hit" the Clinton's and they send their "Fixer".

The "fixer" will shower you with bullets to keep you quiet. That's the difference between parties.

Republicans "pay" for their mistakes.
Democrats only leave a trail of "self inflected gunshot" victums. Google it. Quite a list indeed.

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