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higher paying jobs doesn't require a college education.
Which jobs are those?

Police . Fire - Civil service very hard to fire - 55k to 65k start - tops about 95k in major cities = pension 1/2 base salary until you die.

Which means you could go in at 18 and retire by 40 making about 45k to 55k for the rest of you life. Cons - it's a dangerous job.

Much safer but pays slightly less is Water Treatment operator or Traffic Signal technician - again civil service in by 18 out by 40 with 1/2 base pay for the rest of your life.

Elevator Service Tech - know 5 of these and not one makes below 125k - no schools - must be trained at manufacturers location but once done the world is opened to them - one is director of elevator/escalator operations for Hilton Hotels - He makes 375k a year.

Mechanics - Marine, Aircraft (A/P), Commercial Diesel, Car Dealerships - openings everywhere - 2 yr school then certification tests but after that easy to find many high paying jobs.

plumbers - electricians and A/C techs take home respectable paychecks.= Again openings everywhere - college NOT required.

Crane Operators - Remember "War of the Worlds" with Tom Cruise? His job was a Transmodal Crane Operator at the New York harbor a nice 130k paying union job - Many jobs at construction sites for overhead crane operators.

CDL Truck Driver - low pay - horrible hours BUT... I know of a young couple that got both heir CDL's and Team drove for JB Hunt making only 45k each. With no Rent, Mortgage, or property taxes to pay they save their money and was able to fully pay for and buy their dream house in just 3 years.

I could go on and on... but it should be clear that a college degree is no longer the path to a better paying job.

OK here is one in Chicago shutting down.


No more Teletubbies !!!

This post was brought to you by the letter "B" for "Budget" as in "we ain't got none".

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