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The take away is report things contemporaneously with the occurrence. The first time Blasey Ford mentioned the assault in therapy was when Kavanaugh was up for a federal judicial post and in the news. That was not a big enough stage to try to bring him down. Thanks for putting us all at risk by not destroying this monster when you had other chances.

She wanted to remain anonymous. As if in the world of #metoo all you need is to make an anonymous 36 year old allegation and get a desired result. That's not how the system works. I don't want the system to work like that and prefer having an accused found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and also be able to confront and cross examine an accuser.

To those saying it was rape, not even B-F has alleged facts amounting to rape, or even attempted rape. Unless we want to lower that standard as well. Maybe an unwanted lingering glance should be enough.

The FBI talked to all of the proffered witnesses and nobody backed up the story. B-F and K testified under oath in front of the Senate who, by the way, are charged to advise and consent on judicial nominations. The FBI is part of the executive branch. How much sense does it make for a division of the executive branch to investigate an executive branch appointee? Kavanaugh has already undergone many background checks.

Maybe if the location of the assault was known, there still could have been some forensic evidence - like a smoking cigar or a bit of ------ on a dress.

But going forward out people immediately! Even if only to the police and on a private Facebook post. Destroy a person's future in real time, ‘cause decade's old youthful recollections with conflicting details just may not cut it.

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