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"Haggis? Don't try it... it is every bit as revolting as it sounds."

I had a Moroccan version of HAGGIS this past summer. Most Moroccans (I guess North Africans in general) sacrifice sheep or lamb on their special religious holiday in August and they pretty much eat EVERYTHING except the bones, fur, and the hooves and the lower intestine. They dry and tan the fur so pretty much everything is used in one way or another.

Here is what I witnessed:

1. They slaughter the sheep with the sharpest gnarly-looking knife I've ever seen and then, after it has expired, they hang it from a tree by one of its back legs (like we would hang a deer-- although all of the blood comes out during the slaughter so they don't have that issue of any congealed blood inside the carcass).
2. They cut/pull off the fur and then they remove the lower leg limbs of the three free legs at the knee (they keep these for something but I'm not sure what)
3. They cut off the head and give it to a someone who then uses a blowtorch or something to burn all the hair off of it. Then it is cracked open with a hatchet and the brain is removed (I didn't try the brain). The head is scraped of its char and then is used for a dish but I'm not sure what.
4. They make a vertical cut along the belly and let the stomach and intestines spill into a bucket placed below. They also save the balls--- ouch. They eat those too, but no way, not me!
5. They carefully slice the gall bladder off the liver and then cut out the liver and kidneys. These they usually cook and eat these immediately (the liver was really tasty but the kidneys weren't so good).
6. They cut out the lungs, trachea and the heart, which is cooked immediately as well. They throw the trachea away but they keep the lungs for something. Didn't see what.
7. After this, they butcher the meat of the animal with a hatchet. Incredibly they can do all the above in less that 30 minutes. Its quite amazing to watch.
8. HERE'S WHERE THE HAGGIS PART COMES IN: some poor person (some old lady when I watched) is responsible for cleaning the intestines (used to make sausage) and the stomach. A couple days later they take the stomach and scrape it and then stuff it with diced meat, spices, and bits of the internal organs (just like HAGGIS) and steam it. They made this a few days later and I tried it and it was pretty good-- kinda like HAGGIS but much more flavorful and spicy.

When will Donald Trump's Jerry Lundegaard moment finally come? And, will it be televised live?

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