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I'm about to rant. This isn't even about Trump. I'm glad Trump has some balls and stands up in the face of everyone. It's about time somebody did. I have noticed he has a lot of haters from all sides. Sleaze ball haters with un-American agendas. People who don't have to worry about anything really. They make it just fine. Trump is merely a reflection of the anger in America. Young white people like me are angry and disenfranchised. I'm a college educated idiot, who lives in the slums by necessity, and works for the federal government who pays me peanuts. I'm really not happy about it. To be honest, the only way it could be worse is if I had to live in my car. A lot of people I know feel the way I do. There really is a lot of fake news and there is a witch hunt for Donald Trump. Being politically correct has gotten us in this situation. People can no longer be honest about things without being attacked and dismantled. Personally, I think every single piece of s*** on capital hill should be removed. So should every illegal. Illegals aren't American and we don't have to pay homage to them or their children. If illegals don't want their families separated, then they shouldn't bring their children here illegally. Common sense. That's the rules. We don't need a wall. Just set up land mines instead. Every country south of us is a narcostate and there is a silent war going on. A lot of petty things being argued about here. I live in the projects and I know first hand that drugs are killing this country. ABSOLUTELY DESTROYING IT! All my friends are dead or in prison because of drugs. That is, drugs that came in because of illegals. The cartels are more powerful than countries and they are employing illegals by the thousands. It's a syndicate. There is heroin and methamphetamine everywhere around me. I would venture to say that this is the "norm" nationwide. When pot dispensaries opened, the Mexicans flooded our streets with heroin and meth to make up the profit loss. The cartels invest heavily in public opinion in America. They invest on issues important to their interests. Yes, this issue right here. Go ahead and support murderers if you want to, but you're part of the problem. How many people died for that joint you're smoking? Have a look at this video to see just what kind of people you're dealing with here. No doubt about it, THEY ARE SAVAGES. As far as I'm concerned they are all criminals, even the children. America is the light of the world, but we have rules. If you want to live here, then you have to come here the right way. Otherwise, GTFO! No apologies! We have our own problems.


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