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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

A leading anti-vaccination legislation figure and member of Italy's far-right Northern League party has been admitted to hospital to be treated for chickenpox. Massimiliano Fedriga, who is the president of Italy's northeastern Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, announced his hospital stay on social media, according to La Vanguardia. Fedriga has previously argued against Italy's Lorenzin decree -- named after Beatrice Lorenzi, the minister of health who oversaw the policy. The 2017 legislation made vaccination for 10 diseases -- including polio and measles -- compulsory for all children before they would be allowed to attend school. He admitted he had vaccinated his own children but says such measures should not be forced on other people.

On Tuesday's episode of Fox News' "Outnumbered," contributor Katie Pavlich argued against Elizabeth Warren's recent suggestion that the country needs to talk about the injustices of American slavery and the lasting impact it has had on generations of black Americans. Pavlich's argument against reparations to the descendants of enslaved people came down to saying the country doesn't get enough credit for ending slavery: Pavlich's argument is factually inaccurate: There are several countries that outlawed slavery before the U.S. did in 1865. That didn't stop her from arguing that offering reparations to black Americans would actually make race relations even worse.

Stung by obscene and pointed criticism, Representative Devin Nunes, a Republican from California, has sued Twitter and three users for defamation, claiming the users smeared him and the platform allowed it to happen because of a political agenda. The complaint, which was filed in Henrico County Circuit Court in Virginia on Tuesday, seeks $250 million in damages. In making his case, Mr. Nunes, a loyal ally of President Trump and the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, repeated several common Republican complaints that Twitter has repeatedly denied: that it censors Republicans, "shadow bans" their accounts and actively helps their opponents. Though absorbing criticism comes with the territory for politicians, the complaint described the objectionable tweets from the three users as something "that no human being should ever have to bear and suffer in their whole life."

Sunday, March 17, 2019

A lawmaker wants everyone between the age of 18 and 35 to own an AR-15. Andrew McDaniel, a Republican lawmaker in Missouri, has named the bill after himself as a Militia Act. read more

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticized media coverage of her latest polling results on Saturday, noting her net favorability among all women and all non-white Americans, even as some commenters suggested that "Americans" now viewed her negatively. "So older, conservative white men are considered ‘everyone' and everyone else is discounted as an exception," the progressive New York congresswoman tweeted. "Cool." The freshman Democrat blamed Fox News' round-the-clock negative coverage for increasing the number of Republicans and white Americans who know who she is –and who view her unfavorably. "The reason people know more is bc Fox News has turned into ‘AOC TMZ' (no offense to TMZ)," she wrote, referencing the celebrity tabloid site. She also called Fox News a "propaganda machine" that "will be aimed at any Dem[ocrat] they want".


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